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First Aid Starter Kit Up to 10 Person

First Aid Starter Kit Up to 10 Person

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Welcome to the First Aid Kit section of HuntOffice.ie

Huntoffice.ie is Irelands leading office stationery and first aid kit supplier. Based in Newcastle West, Co Limerick and Citywest, Dublin, Huntoffice.ie has amassed a comprehensive range of office and first aid kit products. Our full range of products recently surpassed the 20,000 mark and we are adding to our online catalogue on a weekly basis.

What should be in a first aid box or travel kit?

The Irish Health and Safety Authority guidelines on First Aid at places of work in Ireland, as required bt the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations, 2007, (S.I. No. 299 of 2007) lists the recommended contents of first aid boxes and travel kits.

At Huntoffice.ie First Aid Supplies, we have a huge selection of pouchs, bags, boxes, cabinets to ensure your busines or organisation has adaquate, appropriate and accessable first aid when and where they need iit at their place of work. Select the Food Hygiene option if involved in catering, food service, hospitality, kitchens, restaurants and deli's.

Is there some flexibility on the contents of boxes and kits?

The table below provides a general guide on the recommended contents of occupational first aid boxes and kits based on numbers employed. Quantities indicated in the Table are minimum numbers and can be increased. The requirements for sterile water and water based burns dressings as per note 2 and 3 above are only where there )s not a wholesome supply of tap water available. Also a single paramedic shears and pocket face mask is considered adequate. Occasionally the q5antities indicated in the Table will be insuffi#ient and the actual amounts required should be "ased on a risk assessment. An obvious example i3 that drivers of dangerous goods vehicles would require a quantity of 2x 500mls of sterile wate2 for eye irrigation in their travel kits due to the risk of contact with hazardous chemicals.

The table below shows the recommended contents of first aid boxes and travel kits
Materials  Travel Kit 1-10 Persons 11-25 Persons 26-50 Person
Adhesive Plasters  20 20 20 40
Sterile Eye Pads (No. 16) (bandage attached)  2 2 2 2
Individually Wrapped Triangular Bandages  2 2 6 6
Safety Pins 6 6 6 6
Individually Wrapped Sterile Unmedicated Wound Dressings Medium (No. 8) 1 2 3 4
Individually Wrapped Sterile Unmedicated Wound Dressings Large (No. 9) 1 2 6 8
Individually Wrapped Sterile Unmedicated Wound Dressings Extra Large (No. 3) 1 2 3 4
Individually Wrapped Disinfectant Wipes  10 10 20 40
Paramedic Shears /Tuff Cut Scissors 1 1 1 1
Examination Gloves 3 5 10 10
Sterile water where there is no clear running water*2  2 x 20ml 1 x 500ml 2 x 500ml 2 x 500ml
Pocket Face Mask 1 1 1 1
Water Based Burns Dressing Small (10x10cm’s)*3 1 1 1 1
Water Based Burns Dressing Large *3 1 1 1 1
Crepe Bandage (7cm) 1 1 2 3
*1: Where more than 50 persons are employed, pro-rata provision should be made.
*2: Where mains tap water is not readily available for eye irrigation, sterile water or sterile normal saline (0.9%) in sealed disposable containers should be provided. Each container should hold at least 20ml and should be discarded once the seal is broken. Eye bath/eye cups/refillable containers should not be used for eye irrigation due to risk of cross infection. The container should be CE marked. 
*3: Where mains tap water is not readily available for cooling burnt area. 
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First Aid in the workplace

According to the Health and Safety Authority, it is necessary for employers to provide first aid materials at all places of work where working conditions require it. Depending on the size and specific hazards of the work environment, trained first aiders must also be provided. As different work environments have different hazards, different first aid kits are necessary. For example, offices have relatively low hazards in comparison to environments such as factories or construction sites. Therefore, several factors should be considered when choosing first aid supplies including, the size of the work environment, the number of people employed and specific hazards in the workplace.

Please feel free to browse through our range of online first aid kits. Below is a quick list of buying tips when purchasing first aid kits:

• Since accidents can happen literally anywhere and anytime it is worth having a reliable first aid kit available at all times, both at home and at work. First aid kit is a group of products and equipment used when first aid is necessary – such kits can be assembled individually at home or workplace or you can buy full kits which include all the essential first aid supplies. First aid kits are available in many variants depending on the health and safety requirements and type of environment they are going to be used in.

• For first aid kits used within EU there are certain standards regarding their identification such as ISO first aid symbol – white cross with even arms on a green background. A lot of first aid kits use white cross with green border line around it if the box comes in a different colour than green.

• When buying a first aid kit for a workplace you should consider the number of people within premises and also the type of work that is carried out. For office and retail purposes a general first aid kits are the best choice as they incorporate all the essential first aid supplies. For places which involve catering and food preparation you might choose food hygiene first aid kits. Most of the First Aid Kits available here on HuntOffice indicate the number of users the first aid kit is suitable for, so whether you're a home, small or large business user you can choose the appropriate first aid kit to suit your premises.

• Basic first aid kits that are available commercially usually consist of supplies which are suitable for treating minor injuries and they include plasters, disinfectants, bandages, sterile pads, gloves, wound dressings and safety pins.

• Among more specialised types of first aid kits that you can find are first aid vehicle and travel kits which apart from consisting of standard first aid supplies also include products like high visibility vests, warning triangles, tow ropes and more safety supplies which are a must have in any car, taxi, van or truck.

• A separate type of first aid kits are burn kits which consist all the standard first aid products and additionally include burn pads, hydrogel burn dressings, burn blots and conforming bandages that are suitable for treating burns, scalds and sunburns.

• Our range includes general first aid kits as well as more specialized ones: car first aid kits, travel aid kits, burns aid kits, eye wash, winter driving kit, sports first aid kits and food hygiene kits. You can choose from different sizes of kits which can be used at home or at large work environments. The brands that we offer include: Wallace Cameron, AA, Q-Connect and Safety First.



Here's what our customers are saying...

Janek, Dublin  
Wallace Cameron Van and Truck First Aid Kit with Bracket Up to 5 Person
   Compact First Aid Kit!   
  "The first kid that was in our truck included by manufacturers was huge and was taking up to much space, sure couldnt complain as it it crucial to have one in the truck especially for long driving routes, my boss got me this wallace cameron van and truck first aid kit from Hunt Office and have to say is brilliant, the same contents only very compact, im loving this compact first aid kit box design!"  
John Wells  
First Aid Kit Portable Wallace Cameron First Response Bag Up to 20 Person
  Great Workplace First Aid Kit!   
  ""Based on a suggestion by our safety officer we organised to have 12 staff added to our first aid team. Because the number of staff had increased significantly we did not have a sufficient number trained in first aid. We also invested in 4 of these wallace cameron first response bags. One for each shift and an extra one for our weekend shift. We were going to go to the expense of pricing everything individually but when we saw these wallace cameron first response bags, we did not need to. It has absolutely everything we needed to ensure that in the unlikely event of an accident we were completely coverd.""  
Ian Burke  
Wallace Cameron Vehicle First Aid Kit Up to 5 Person
  Well Equipped First Aid Kit  
  ""First aid kits should be compulsary in all places of work and in all modes of transport. This Wallace Cameron vehicle first aid kit is well equiped and good value for money.""  
Tina, Dublin  
First Aid Food Hygiene Kit Mezzo 10 Person Wallace Cameron
  Complete Food Hygiene First Aid Kit!   
  "Very good and complete food hygiene first aid kit, love the container design, the contents are kept nice and tidy. Blue plasters are great for deli counter staff. lets just hope we will not need to use this first aid kit much."  
Advanced Sports First Aid Kit Complete in Large Orange Bag 1-50 Person
  Complete Food Hygiene First Aid Kit!   
  "Starting out as a small community based sports club. Very happy with this First Aid Kit. Delivered within the stated time strong bag, good quality and stocked items also better than expected."  
Ian - Chef  
First Aid Food Hygiene Kit Mezzo 10 Person Wallace Cameron
  Convenient Kitchen First Aid Kit!   
  "Convenient kitchen first aid kit kit for any area where food preparation is the main task. I must come back and buy more so to be prepared for any eventuality..."  
Paula Ryan  
First Aid Kit Portable Wallace Cameron First Response Bag Up to 20 Person
  Portable First Aid Kit -Ticks All The Boxes!   
  "Being a trained first aider I've gone through many first aid kits in the past and this Wallace Cameron kit is the first one that has ticked all the boxes for me. It has all the supplies that could be needed in an emergency and enough supplies to last a sufficient amount of time without having to restock it. Its very lightweight and portable which is very helpful in an emergency situation."  
Bambino Pet First Aid Kit Pack 1 1033037
  First Aid Kit For Pets!   
  "Any dog cat owner should own  this Bambino pet first aid kit.
I have one in the car for when I'm out and about with my 3 dogs. everything is clearly marked so no guess work at all"
Wallace Cameron Vehicle First Aid Kit Up to 5 Person
  Very Useful First Aid Kit!   
  "This first aid kit is very useful - contains all the necessary bits and pieces that you might need in case of an accident. I think everyone should have one in their cars."  
Mike, Dublin  
First Aid Kit Portable Wallace Cameron First Response Bag Up to 20 Person
  First Aid Kit Convenient To Carry!   
  "We are organizing charity events and we always request the first aider to be around in case something happens, i have bought this wallace cameron first response bag portable first aid kit and was amazed how convenient it is to carry around, all the contents is securely held inside. well, we didnt have a chance to use any of the contents yet,as all the events went smooth with no accidents, but i have checked the first aid supplies with the first aider and he couldnt think of anything else to include. Great price value for this complete multipurpose portable first aid kit, great for saving costs, more left to donate."  
Wallace Cameron Vehicle First Aid Kit Up to 5 Person
  Very Useful First Aid Kit!   
  "This Wallace Cameron Piccolo First Aid Vehicle Kit I find really useful to have. It's easy to carry round or just have in your car when needed. Everyone should go and order one of these as they may come in very good use for someone in the future as it has helped me with minor issues. Thanks to Hunt Office for their brilliant service, it was much appreciated!"