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First Aid Products

Welcome to First Aid Products section at Huntoffice. Whether you are looking to top up your existing kit with essential products or you want to get a full aid set we can help you with both. The first aid kits that are available on our site comply with the recommendation of first aid kit contents from the Health and Safety Authority in Ireland. No matter what type of works and tasks are being carried out within a workplace it is highly advised to have even a basic first aid kit available in case of emergency at any time.

First Aid Kits

When choosing a first aid kit you should consider the number of employees, the nature of work, the size and the location of the workplace, etc. First aid kits – there are few types of kits available on – you can choose from first aid kits that are dedicated to be used in work places and it is easy to find the correct kit since they are marked for how many people are they suitable for. We also carry different types of first aid kits such as car/vehicle first aid kit, burn kits, catering first aid kits and travel first aid kits.

Types of First Aid Products

Here you will also find all the necessary supplies for first aid boxes like bandages, tapes, wipes, eyewash, first aid dressings, hot and cold packs, scissors and any other medical supplies that you might find useful and necessary for your first aid kit. We also have a separate category dedicated to plasters. You can choose from assorted packs of plasters as well as packs of particular plaster size. The plasters that we offer are available both in small packs which are suitable for home and small workplaces as well as in large bulk packs ideal for large work environments. All of the products are from leading first aid supplies manufacturers such as Frank Sammeroff, Wallace Cameron and AA.

Comprehensive First Aid Supplies in Ireland

Explore our extensive range of first aid supplies in Ireland to ensure the safety and well-being of your workplace or home. From basic essentials to specialized equipment, we offer a wide selection of first aid supplies to meet your needs. Stock up on essential first aid room supplies and emergency first aid kits to be prepared for any situation.

Essential First Aid Room Supplies

Equip your first aid room with essential supplies to handle medical emergencies effectively. Our range includes everything from bandages and dressings to first aid instruments and equipment. Ensure your first aid room is fully stocked and ready to provide immediate assistance when needed.

Be Prepared with Emergency First Aid Kits

Stay prepared for emergencies with our comprehensive emergency first aid kits. These kits are designed to provide essential medical supplies for various situations, including accidents, injuries, and medical emergencies. Keep an emergency first aid kit on hand in your workplace, home, or vehicle to respond quickly and effectively to any unforeseen circumstances.



Here's what our customers are saying...

Astroplast Metal First Aid Cabinet Medium
  Great Service!   
  "Arrived in perfect condition. Easily hung on the wall. Fits everything we need with some extra storage for back up supplies. Happy as Great service"  
Marie O Connell  
Heavy Duty Rubber Kerb Ramp 100x600x290
  Invaluable for Us!   
  "At our creche we have lots of mums and dads arriving by foot with buggies. We also have lots of trikes, bikes, dolls prams so these ramps have been invaluable for us and for the workings of the building which is older and hard to find solutions for these kind of issues. Extremely happy"  
Joan Downes  
Astroplast Green Box HSA 1-10 Person First Aid Kit
  Great First Aid Kit!   
  "I keep this First Aid kit in my car in case of emergencies.
It's got pretty much everything you'd need
I know with the kids delicate skin that Astroplast is a trusted brand."
Moira Jackson  
ARKY Indoor AED Defibrillator Cabinet White Metal Alarmed 5003003
  Best Quality Combined With Best Price!   
  "Perfect housing unit at sensible price. researched others but I liked the look of this one - and the price was unbeatable for quality D Fits our defibrillator perfectly. And happy knowing its secure and safe"  
John Wells  
First Aid Kit Portable Wallace Cameron First Response Bag Up to 20 Person
  First Aid Kit - Completely Covered!   
  "Based on a suggestion by our safety officer we organised to have 12 staff added to our first aid team. Because the number of staff had increased significantly we did not have a sufficient number trained in first aid. We also invested in 4 of these wallace cameron first response bags. One for each shift and an extra one for our weekend shift. We were going to go to the expense of pricing everything individually but when we saw these wallace cameron first response bags, we did not need to. It has absolutely everything we needed to ensure that in the unlikely event of an accident we were completely covered."  
Nicolette Haefner  
Wallace Cameron Hot/Cold Reusable Compress Pack 1
  So Affordable!   
  "This hot/cold pack is so handy to have. So affordable "  
 Defibtech Lifeline AUTO Fully Automatic Defibrillator (5 Year Battery)
  Defibtech Lifeline AED is a Lifeline!   
  "Defibtech lifeline AED was delivered on time and is exactly as specification on site. Its fully automatic and from research it is classed as the most simple to use.The list of pros goes on Hope we never have to use it.... but its there, should the situation arise"  
Jason Breen  
Astroplast Green Box HSA 1-10 Person First Aid Kit
  Top First Aid Kit!   
  "Top kit...
Does exactly what it says
Easy to store and easyily portable
No complaints whatsoever."
Catherine Ward  
Burns First Aid Poster 5405034
  Great for First Aid Supplies!   
  "Good size, easily readable laminated,wipe clean poster. Simple to understand for anyone clear instructions "  
Gerard, Dublin  
Wallace Cameron Metal Wall Cabinet with 50 Person First-Aid Compliance Kit
  Great Quality First Aid Cabinet!   
  "This metal cabinet first aid kit is perfect for our first aid room, as we are required to have one in our factory due to high hazard risk. very cheap price for it in huntoffice as it comes supplied with first aid items for up to 50 people, more than we need, as we dont have that many people working at one shift ever. We regulary provide safety trainings at our factory so our employers are very aware and we have never used this first aid kit yet, but i was looking through the contents and as a qualified first aider i can say that this metal cabinet first aid kit is fully stocked with first aid multipurpose essentials."