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Conduit Cable Tubes

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Cable Tidy Flexible Tube 1.1 Meters Black D-Line. Suitable For Use In Offices, Classrooms, Home Use & More.

Cable Tidy Flexible Tube 1.1 Meters Black D-Line. Suitable …

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Here's what our customers are saying...

Cable Tidy Flexible Tube 1.1 Meters Black D-Line. Suitable For Use In Offices, Classrooms, Home Use & More
  Strong but also very flexible  
  "Brilliant for keeping all my cables neat, untangled and out of the way. The tube is strong but also very flexible so I can still easily move the cables around and plug in what ever one I need. It has definitely made my office look tidier and more professional and got rid of the possibility of tripping over cables. "  
Niall D  
D-Line Cable Tidy Split Flexible Tube 1.1m Length 25mm Diameter Black
  One of my best purchases  
  "I have lots of cables coming out of my computer at my desk at work, so previously I decided to buy a cable tidy. The one I bought previously required you to wrap it around the cables. That wasn't ideal as it was so time consuming. So I decided to buy this one instead. It has a split in it so you can just add and remove cables with ease. One of my best purchases. Very happy customer. Thanks huntoffice"  
Alan Murphy  
Self Adhesive Cable Tidy Bases Mono Pack 6 D-Line
  Very good for tidying up an office  
  "These self adhesive cable tidy are very good for tidying up an office. They are small and you can glue them onto the wall so they wont be in your way."  

Melanie Mayer  
Self Adhesive Cable Tidy Clips In White. Pack Of 6 D-Line Brand Cable Management Cable Clips. Low-Profile Design To Blend In With Your Home Or Office
  My printer cable would fit into it  
  "I have always wanted to get a cable tidy for my printer cable, because it was always in the way in my office. I bought this one because my desk was white so it is not too noticeable to have it beside my desk, and by looking at the dimensions I knew my printer cable would fit into it. I did have to push the cable tidy onto the desk as I was wary that the adhesive might not stick properly onto the desk."  
Peter Taylor  
Cable Curb Rubber Single Channel 1.5m Length 59100 Accodata
  Worked as described  
  "I bought this rubber cable curb to tidy down some cables from the Christmas lights which were becoming a little bit of a hazard trailing across the floor. Worked as described, cables were easy to insert and the 1.5m length was more than enough to keep the cables in place. Now that the Christmas lights are down I use it on the computer cables."  
Floor Cable Cover Black 80mm Wide 1.8 Meters in Length C/W Connectors. Ideal For Use In Offices, Warehouses, Classrooms & More
  Office look a lot tidier  
  "Recently bought a few of these from you and put them in all our office cubicles and they've worked great. Having the cables covered with something like this really makes the office look a lot tidier. It also gives us all a bit of peace of mind too knowing no one is going to trip over cables trailing across the floor!"