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Floor standing screens are a cost-efficient and quick way to organise any work space to suit your needs. They can be assembled within hours, and you can easily change the layout whenever you require. They’re often used in open-plan spaces to organise individual workstations. Their versatility also means they can be used in almost any work environment, including offices, call centres, schools and more. 
Floor standing screens make it possible to create corridors, separate workstations and even build individual semi-opened personal offices, as they can be linked together. The main purpose of these screens is to create some privacy for the individual, or for groups/teams that work together in order to increase the comfort and efficiency of their work. Since floor screens are typically covered with fabric (often backed by foam) they also reduce distracting background noise, which is a very common issue with open plan work spaces. 
Our most popular products are flat top screens, which come in a rectangular or square shape, available straight or curved. You can also choose from a selection of waved options. One of the benefits of our products is the fact that you can link various shape screens to create individual cubicle workspaces. 
We supply a wide selection of screen sizes, which you can adapt to your space’s requirements. The lowest floor screens are 1.2m high, which makes them ideal for separating desk workstations, as  they’re usually between 40-50cm above the desk top level. This gives your employees privacy, but also means they can communicate with people sitting near them. If you need to create a semi-closed room or a more private space, there are higher screens including 1.5m, 1.6m and 1.8m. The tallest screens are ideal for creating meeting or conference rooms “on the go”. 
Floor standing screens are also popular in schools and can be used to create quiet areas, reading areas and much more. Depending on the material, they can also be used for educational displays.