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Here's what our customers are saying...

Jiffy Packing Foam Lightweight CFC Free Polyethylene Bubble Wrap 1000mm x 200m
  Handy Packing Foam!   
  "Ambassador Packing Foam is really handy when you need transport glass or other things that could easy got broken. Very low price as well."  
Octavia Moises  
Green Loosefill Polystyrene Chips ( Pack of 15 Cubic Feet Pack)
  Loose Packing Chips - Suitable for Protection   
  "This s-shaped polyesterne packaging foam chips are very suitable for protection. They are very good for mailing as well. They save you money as they are very lightweight which does not affect your shipping charges as much. Excellent product for shipping or mailing"  
Jiffy Packing Foam Lightweight CFC Free Polyethylene Bubble Wrap 1000mm x 200m
  Great Product!  
  "when we moved house recently, we managed to do so without any damage to the missuses delicate bits and bobs. all thanks to a few rolls of this wonderful product! never thought i'd end up praising such an unspectacular item, but i have, and it really was good at wrapping plates and ornaments as well as smaller items. thumbs up! ;-)."  


Bernard Shaw  
Loosefill Chips 15Cu. Ft. Bag
  Effective & Excellent Value   
  "This is a massive bag of loosefill chips, would definitely suit a business that does a lot of packing. Particularly packing of delicate items, we have had a decrease of damages since using these foam chips, we used to use another brand that wasn't bad but wasn't as good as this! And the price, unbeatable!"  


Sealed Air Cell-Aire Handiroll Foam 750mm x 133.3m Bubble Wrap
  Excellent Protective Foam Sheet   
  "This foam roll is brill, I sell a variety of tableware online so the shipping process is always a concern. I buy this roll from Huntoffice and also some 'fragile' printed tape, and so far it hasn't done me wrong! "