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Filing Products category is one of the largest on site as it incorporates dozens on various products which help to keep all office or home documents in order and allow easy access to required papers. The broad range of filing and archive products lets you find items suitable for professional office environments as well as for domestic use. We are sure to have the filing product to suit your needs. 

Some of the essential products included within this section are lever arch files which come in many colour variants and materials that they are made of. To make the use of lever arch files the most effective we recommend using subject dividers that organise documents within the file so that finding the needed document becomes very quick and straight forward. You can also use subject dividers with ring binders as most of them are multi-punched and fit any type of binder. 

As some of documents are only used occasionally or they only have to be kept for a certain period because of legal matters we also offer a complete selection of document storage products. The most popular ones among offices are cardboard and plastic storage boxes which can be easily labelled and described for quick identification. For home office and home use we recommend box files and home files which are compact in size but provide secure storage for any type of documents. 

Filing Products 

As mentioned before this is one of the biggest sections on our site with over 1,800 products which include lever arch files, suspension files, ring binders, subject dividers, punched pockets, display books, storage boxes, files, folders, business card holders and a lot of accessories to organise a comprehensive filing and archive system. The products that you will find here are made by leading manufacturers within office products industry and deliver great quality for all our customers. Delivery available throughout Ireland, including Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Galway.

Here's what our customers are saying...

John Brown  
5 Star Lever Arch Files Storage Box A4 White and Red 10 Pack
"Easy to assemble and can store more than the stated 5 files! Ideal use when moving out of the house."
 5 Star Legal Wallet Foolscap Gusset with Tie Tape 51mm Pack of 25
"I brought one of these folders as I needed a document that was capable of holding a lot of pages. The foolscap legal gusset wallet really expands and takes a lot of files. The tie tapes is great for holding everything together especially if I push my luck and put in too many documents."
 5 Star Legal Wallet Foolscap Gusset with Tie Tape 51mm Pack of 25
"Strong gusset wallet, great for fitting a4 and foolscap pages. To secure your documents you can tie the pink band around the legal document wallet."
 5 Star Legal Wallet Foolscap Gusset with Tie Tape 51mm Pack of 25
"There is a great gusset in this folder. The gusset expands and you can therefore fit a lot of pages into the wallet."
Maureen O Connell  
Guildhall Legal Corners Recycled Blue Pack of 100
"Were so stuck in our ways in this office and have been buying legal products from the same supplier for over 20 years. Well I ran him the last time he came looking for an order! The Guildhall Legal Corners were a 3rd of the price online at the hunt office"