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Stewart Superior Seco CutFlush Folder A4 Clear Pack of 25 LSF-CL/25

Stewart Superior Seco CutFlush Folder A4 Clear Pack of 25 LSF-CL/25

RRP: €15.28
€9.45 ex vat
€11.62 inc vat

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Document Folders are great for protecting and organising all of your important documents.

At Hunt Office Ireland, we understand just how important document folders are, and that’s why we offer them from top brands like Q-Connect, Guildhall and 5 Star. Our folders also come in a variety of types, colours and sizes, so you can find the perfect folder for you.

Document Types 

Square Cut Folders

Square cut folders are perfect for sorting loose and unpunched papers. We offer a range of square cut folders in a variety of colours, available in packs of 50 and 100. Our square cut folders come from top brands like Q-connect.

Cut Flush Folders

Cut flush folders are great for keeping your documents organised and filed. Cut flush folders also offer good document protection, so you can avoid your documents being spoiled. We offer cut flush folders from top brands like Guildhall.

Document sizes

A4 Folders

Our A4 folders are designed to fit your day-to-day A4 papers. These folders are great for most situations where standard size documents are used. If you work in a place where the documents are typically larger, like a law firm, then the foolscap folders will be more suited to you.

Foolscap Folders

Foolscap folders are slightly larger than the A4 folders, making them better suited for larger documents. It’s a good idea to find out what the sizes of the documents you handle are, and find a folder that will accommodate for that.


Here's what our customers are saying...

Cut Flush Folder A4 Polypropylene Red Pack 25 5 Star
  Good Value  
  "Extremely durable and protective. I constantly use these 5 star open top & side polypropylene cut flush folders. They are such good value and really protect loose pages."  
Dave Watson  
Cut Flush Folder A4 Polypropylene Red Pack 25 5 Star
  "I've been using the cut flush folder for years and I cannot live without it. It's such a cheap and simple solution to messy scraps of paper that can't be filed in conventional A4 lever arch files. These ones are durable enough for what they're intended and such a fantastic bargain for a pack of 25."  
Jane McCarthy  
Cut Flush Folder A4 Polypropylene Yellow Pack 25 5 Star

"Nice easy open lightweight folder."

Sally Baxter  
Cut Flush Folder A4 Polypropylene Green Pack 25 5 Star
  "These cut flush folders are more heavyweight than others I've used for a similar price and for a pack of 25 too so I'm well chuffed with that. I ordered them for the office supplies cabinet in the office and the pack is nearly gone already so I'll be buying more fairly soon! They're great for keeping loose sheets neatly together on the desk and the translucent green colour looks nice."  
Shane Lee  
Q-Connect Plastic Cut Flush Folder A4 Clear Pack 100
  "That plastic cut flush folder is an excellent product for storing different documents or pictures etc. The top and the side can be opened so its use to use the folder and it can even save up time."  
Patricia O'Sullivan  
Q-Connect Red Square Cut Folder Lightweight 180gsm Foolscap Pack of 100 KF26028
  "I really like these folders and I use them a lot to keep my school notes together."  
Shannan Quligan  
 Q-Connect Square Cut Folder Light-Weight 180gsm Foolscap Green Pk 100 KF01189
  Excellent Product  
  "q-connect is an excellent company for office users and owners. This q-connect square cut folder light-weight is a very suitable product for document storage and it ensures the documents wont get damaged, Prevents the documents form getting hole punched in them. Excellent product if you want your documents to be safe."  
Q-Connect Square Cut Folder Light-Weight 180gsm Foolscap Buff Pk 100
  Brilliant Value  
  "I regularly use these folders in work, I've found them to be so handy! They really help me keep all of my loose documents well organised and they're made of heavy 180gsm paper so all of the sheets inside are well protected. They're brilliant value too, I'd definitely recommend them to anyone struggling to stay organised! :-)"  
Aidan O'Brien  
 Q-Connect Square Cut Folder Light-Weight 180gsm Foolscap Blue Pk 100
  "Perfect for organising and keeping the office tidy."  
Maria Twomey  
Elba Recycled Square Cut Folder A4 Blue Pack 100
  Excellent Price  
  "What an excellent price for these excellent quality packs of 100 Elba square cut folders. I always use these for the purchase invoices each month. Great next day delivery too from hunt office"