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CARELINE Pilates Air Seat Stools at The Global Stole Store

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Global Stole CARELINE Pilates Air Seat stool range is now available to buy online at - discounted prices and nationwide delivery service.

Pilates Air Seat chairs are included in Global Stole Careline seating range - a series of elegant and comfortable ergonomic stools, saddle-chairs, suitable for work situations where ergonomics and mobility is important.
The Pilates chairs are ideal for the active office, for health and care and clinical professionals. As all Global Stole Careline seating range chairs, the Pilates Air Seat Stools are equipped with gas operated springs for infinite adjustments.

The Pilates stool seat consists of a ball cushion with air inside, and it ensures a healthy, strong back, as it trains the back musculature of the person sitting on it. The ball cushion is made of rubber and upholstered with fabric, available in several types and colours. A ring below the seat provides for easy height adjustment. Five-year warranty.
Popular in schools, clinics and offices.

The Pilates Air Seat ergonomic stools feature:

• Seating posture coordination: The chair has the same effect as the famous Pilates Ball. It requires the body to "concentrate on seating" and thus strengthens muscle groups in back and lumbar and keeps them active while you sit and work.

• 330mm Air Cushioned seat

• Height adjustable base with easy rolling castors

• Available in a variety of material and colour finishes.

Why use a Pilates Air-Seat saddle chair?

Here are some of the advantages of using a Pilates Air-Seat stool :

• The posture maintains the natural curve in the lower back thus reducing tensions in the back.

• It allows for better blood circulation in the body, because it is possible to sit with relatively “open” hip and knee angles.

• It is possible to move sideways easily by using your feet actively.

• Moving and changing posture during the day is important

How to use a Pilates Air-Seat ergonomic stool?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when using a Pilates Air-Seat chair:

• It is important to sit high enough, and at the same time, you must place your feet firmly on the floor.

• You need to be able to adjust the height of your table to ensure the correct working posture.

• In the beginning, it may be difficult to sit on a saddle chair, because the sitting posture is very different from the posture we use when sitting on a traditional chair. Make sure that your feet carry some of your weight.

Benefits Of Using Pilates Air-Seat Stools Benefits Of Using Pilates Air-Seat Stools



Here's what our customers are saying...

Francis Power  
Pilates Air-Seat Ergonomic Stool With Easy Clean Green 3D Runner Seat Upholstery H450 - 640mm
  Great to improve posture!  
  "A great alternative to a pilates ball chair, this is more like a pilates ball stool. I love mine, it has really helped with my posture and how I feel at work. The green upholstery also adds a nice soft bit of colour to the office."  
Michelle Saunders  
Pilates Air-Seat Ergonomic Stool With Black Leather Look Seat Upholstery H450 - 640mm
  Great value, good quality and great service! Would recommend these to anyone working in an office!  
  "I don't have a bad back, but I was conscious of getting one being constantly hunched over my desk. Things were tight at my company and we couldn't afford new chairs. But things have picked up again and a few of these were bought for the office. I was lucky and managed to get my hands on one! I can say they have made a huge differance to my posture when I work, it is so much better. It was difficult enough for me to get used to, and I even had some minor back pain (about a quarter of my colleagues who used the chairs for a significant amount of time felt the same) but we now all agree it was worth it. Sitting taller makes me feel better and more confident!"