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Global Stole CARELINE Saddle stool range is now available to buy online at - discounted prices and nationwide delivery service.

The Saddle chairs are included in Global Stole Careline seating range - a series of elegant and comfortable ergonomic stools, saddle-chairs, suitable for work situations where ergonomics and mobility is important. The Saddle chairs are ideal for the active office, for health and care and clinical professionals. As all Global Stole Careline seating range chairs, these Saddle Stools are equipped with gas operated springs for infinite adjustments.

Global Stole saddle stools provide a good sitting comfort, enabling you to control the movement of the stool with your legs while changing posture. Choose between several models, such as the classic cowboy saddle “Dalton”, or a V-cut saddle front “Jolly” to minimize annoying pressure. The saddle stools are available in upholstery/cold foam, and the seating mechanism ”Easy seat” makes it possible to adjust the seat-angle 17° forward and 5° backward, besides up and down. Several types and colours of fabric available.
Comes with five-year warranty.
Popular in dental clinics, physiotherapies and ergonomics clinics.

The Saddle ergonomic stools feature:

• EASY SEAT gas lift mechanism: Adjustment of the saddle seat is easily operated by one gas spring mechanism that enables infinite seating posture adjustment.

• FLEXMATIC mechanism: adjusts automatically to the optimum ergonomic working posture. This unique mechanism corrects the seat angle to the center of gravity for comfortable and dynamic sitting. It stimulates muscles and provides freedom of movement with optimum support.

• EUROMATIC Seat & Back Adjustment Mechanism (not available for MINI Saddle stool range) - adjustment of seat and back is easy operated by two gas springs while seated allowing for infinite adjustment without any effort.

• All Saddle chairs are available with base height adjustment foot-release mechanism, particularly useful in situations when you need to work with both hands.

• Available in a variety of material and colour finishes.

Why use a saddle chair?

Here are some of the advantages of using a saddle chair:

• The posture maintains the natural curve in the lower back thus reducing tensions in the back.

• It allows for better blood circulation in the body, because it is possible to sit with relatively “open” hip and knee angles.

• It is possible to move sideways easily by using your feet actively.

• Moving and changing posture during the day is important

How to use a saddle chair ?

Here are a few things to keep in mind when using a saddle chair:

• It is important to sit high enough, and at the same time, you must place your feet firmly on the floor.

• You need to be able to adjust the height of your table to ensure the correct working posture.

• In the beginning, it may be difficult to sit on a saddle chair, because the sitting posture is very different from the posture we use when sitting on a traditional chair. Make sure that your feet carry some of your weight.

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Here's what our customers are saying...

Cathleen O'Dwyer  
Pinto Easymek Seat Saddle Stool With Orange Leather Look Seat Upholstery H570 - 760mm
  Great to improve posture! Quick delivery  
  "I was the lab mouse for the office when we got this chair as I was already familiar with being on horseback! Safe to say the chair is easier to use! I decided to test it out in the office and it definitely took getting used to! Even though I have sat on a saddle many times I thought it was strange to mix that with being in the office! Overall, The saddle stool imrpoved on my posture at work and we are looking in to getting some more for everyone. A huge advantage would be that the stools take up less space too, our office is small enough and we need all the spare space we can get!"  
Jessica Dean  
Gamma Easymek Seat Saddle Stool With White Leather Look Seat Upholstery H570 - 760mm
  Took some time to get used to it but i love it and improves my posture!  
  "I have been looking into alternative seating methods for a while, and I finally decided on a saddle seat. When I first used it, my movement was laughable because I was getting used to it, but now that I am, I feel much more mobile in the office and of course my posture is far better. A few people in the office now want their own saddle stools from huntoffice! "   
Chris Geer  
Mini Easymek Seat Saddle Stool With Easy Clean Red 3D Runner Seat Upholstery H570 - 760mm
  Great value, good quality and great service! Would recommend these to anyone working in an office!  
  "I have one of these chairs in my home office, and it made a huge differance to my posture. I noticed my son was slouching a bit at his desk when doing homework or any other sitting activities, so I decided to get one for him too! He loved the idea, and so we bought it. It took about two weeks to deliver to me, and he was so excited when we got it! He was already interested in taking up horseriding and I think this was a step in the right direction in his mind! We received it and he started using it straight away. I noticed the improvements almost immediately. Me and my son are both very happy with this stool!"