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Paper Guillotines at The Dahle Store

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Dahle Guillotine 340mm A4 533

Dahle Guillotine 340mm A4 533

RRP: €362.19
€114.95 ex vat
€139.09 inc vat
Dahle Guillotine 460mm A3 534

Dahle Guillotine 460mm A3 534

RRP: €485.33
€154.95 ex vat
€187.49 inc vat
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Welcome to huntoffice paper guillotines category where we offer a range of guillotines designed to cut large volumes of paper. Our selection includes guillotines from Avery, Rexel, HSM and Dahle. You can choose between the most popular paper formats such as: A4, A3 and A2. Depending on your needs you can choose various sheet capacity to get the most appropriate and efficient guillotine.

Here's what our customers are saying...

 Hannah J.    
about Avery A4 Precision Guillotine PG360
   Good, versatile paper guillotine   
  "good, versatile paper guillotine - no matter if you need to cut 3 or 30 sheets of paper, the blade cuts trough paper easily and leaves smooth edges."  
 Greg Enden   
about Avery A4 Precision Guillotine PG360
   So happy!   
  "So happy wit the product. 5 stars for looks!"  
 Mark Flanygan   
about  Avery PG460 Precision Guillotine A3
   5 stars for looks!    
  "5 stars for looks! I'll need 3 of them. So happy with the product. Brilliant service.Fast delivery."  

Niamh O'connor  
about Avery A4 Office Guillotine GUA4
   Serious jobs without any hassle .  
  "As for the price, this guillotine can do serious jobs without any hassle. I use it in the accounts within our company for preparing reports and paper presentations which aren"  
 Patricia Sheehan   
about Avery A4 Office Guillotine GUA4
   Perfect tool.  
"Surprised how robust a product for the price. A perfect tool for my needs. Card and Paper."
 Niamh Ryan   
about Avery A4 Office Guillotine GUA4
   Great value.   
  "This guillotine is easy to store and great for cutting through card and paper. It is self sharpening and has a transparent folding safety guard and a built in locking mechanism. Great value and handy for the office or home."  
 Daniel from Dublin   
about Avery A4 Office Guillotine GUA4
  "This is a solid and well made paper guillotine, I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and I am very pleased with the way it operates."  
 David Curtin    
aboutAvery A4 Office Guillotine GUA4
   Extremely accurate paper guillotine   
  "This is an extremely accurate paper guillotine for the office or home. Its extremly useful for the fliers we do for insertion into letters as it allows us to make 4 fliers per one A4 sheet. If folds down nicely too to allow foer easy storage."  
 Angelika B.    
about Avery A4 Office Guillotine GUA4
   Very satisfied.   
  "Very satisfied with the way it works. As for a low price guillotine it surprisingly runs very smooth and the blades are super sharp. I use it from time to time so I didn't want to spend an awful lot and this provides solid functionality and doesn't drain your pockets. Avery is a great choice for office products such as this guillotine and most of the products (even the cheaper ones) are very solid, i would say that this A4 guillotine should work grand for any type of low or medium volume of cutting. I would also like to add that it is very well priced when compared to some other online stores I have checked before purchasing it here."  
 Laura McCoy   
about Avery A3 Office Guillotine GUA3
   Ideal for home or office .  
  "Ideal for home or office use and it looks brilliant on the desk. Perfect size. Very handy. Friendly service. Fast delivery. I'm so happy with the product."