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Looking to send large bulky items? Here at Huntoffice you will find a wide selection of Gusset Envelopes. Gusset envelopes are designed to accommodate large oversized items to send through the post. Gusset envelopes usually come with either a block bottom or a V shaped bottom which allows the envelope to expand as needed to allow thicker documents such as books, files, catalogues and brochures to fit in comfortably. As gusset envelopes are designed to hold bulk or heavy items they are generally constructed with heavier paper than the usual envelope to help prevent tearing and damage to the contents during mailing. 

The gusset envelopes we provide are available in the colours brown or white and with or without a window. We also have a choice of different sized packs which include 25, 100 and 125, making them suitable for the home or small office right up to large businesses. Here at Huntoffice we have gusset envelopes from top brands such as New Guardian , Plus Fabric and 5 Star. 

Sizes of Gusset Envelopes

gusset envelopes sizes

Choose from a variety of sizes and formats, popular sizes include 

Seal types available on the gusset envelopes we supply: 

• Peel & seal – This is a very common way of sealing gusset envelopes. The flap of the envelope has a strip of glue which is protected with a strip of plastic. Remove the plastic strip from the flap and press against the envelope to seal. Peel & seal gusset envelopes are ideal if you like to buy in bulk because with the plastic strip protecting the glue, even after months of being kept in storage, the glue won’t dry out. 

gusset envelopes seal

The style of gusset envelopes available in this section: 

Pocket – These pocket envelopes have the opening flap on the short edge of the envelope 

Window gusset envelopes – When the sheet is folded properly, window envelopes allow you to display the address that’s printed on the letter. These look the most professional which makes them a popular choice for businesses of all sizes. 

Plain gusset envelopes – These envelopes do not have a window and can be written on, printed on, stamped or used for franking. These envelopes are widely used in both the home and the office. 

Packs of Gusset Envelopes 

gusset envelopes pack 10 gusset envelopes pack 25  Gusset envelopes pack 50  gusset envelopes pack 100  gusset envelopes pack 125

Colours of Gusset Envelopes

white gusset envelopes brown gusset envelopes manilla gusset envelopes
White Brown Manilla

Gusset Envelopes Popular Brands

New Guardian Q-connect Plus Fabric 5 star Securitex

Here's what our customers are saying...

White Box Envelope C4 Manilla Gusset Peel and Seal 115gsm Pack 125
  Value Whitebox Gussets!   
  "Sturdy gusset envelope, ideal for posting regular thick brochures. I will buy then again."  
Lucy Kennedy  
5 Star C4 Gusset 115gsm Envelopes Manilla Peel and Seal Pack of 125
  Great 5 Star Envelopes   
  "I like the 5 star brand gusset envelopes, just as good as the branded ranges. Strong with quality. Just a comment - pity huntoffice don't sell stamps. You should get them as it would be very handy to get them online."  
5 Star C4 Gusset 115gsm Envelopes Manilla Peel and Seal Pack of 125
  Great Gusset Envelopes!  
  "very good quality C4 Gusset Envelopes. Pack of 125 Peel and Seal envelopes is very handy in office or school."  
Kirk Delaney  
5 Star Office Envelopes Gusset 25mm Peel and Seal 115gsm Manilla 381x254mm Pack of 125
  Durable Gusset Envelopes   
  "Good strong envelopes is what I like to use when posting our documents and with these 5 star gusset envelopes 25mm expandable sides, I have found what I need. I also like the peel and seal feature on the opening side on the envelopes, they seal really well and there is no messing with licking or sellotape trying to close them."  
Jack Cummins  
5 Star Office Envelopes Gusset 25mm Peel and Seal 115gsm Manilla 350x248mm Pack of 125
  Great Quality   
  "Good quality sealable pouches. Plenty of room in the pocket of these envelopes."