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Hand tools:


Welcome to our comprehensive hand tools category! Discover a vast selection of top-quality tools meticulously curated to meet all your needs. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a DIY enthusiast, our diverse range of hammers & striking tools, saws & cutting tools, cutting knives and blades, measuring tape and level equipment, screwdrivers, hand files, pliers pincers and tweezers, trowels & spatulas, vices and grips, wrenches, axes and splitting wedges , tool boxes and parts storage, will empower you to tackle any project with confidence and precision.


Hammers & Striking Tools:

Enhance your toolkit with our premium hammers & striking tools, designed to deliver powerful blows with optimal control. From claw hammers for versatile applications to rubber mallets for delicate tasks, we have the perfect hammer for every job.  

Saws & Cutting tools:

For precision cutting, look no further than our extensive range of saws & cutting tools. Whether it's a handheld saw for intricate cuts or a heavy-duty one for tough materials, our cutting tools ensure clean and efficient results every time. Complementing these tools, our cutting knives and blades offer exceptional sharpness and durability for various cutting applications.  

Measuring Tapes and Level Equipment:

Accuracy is paramount, and that's why we offer a wide selection of measuring tapes and level equipment. These reliable tools enable you to achieve precise measurements and maintain flawless alignments, ensuring your projects are executed to perfection.  


Our collection of screwdrivers boasts an array of sizes and types to suit any screw head. Crafted from premium materials, these screwdrivers provide the ideal grip and torque, making fastening tasks a breeze.  

Hand Files:

Achieve expert-level craftsmanship with our top-notch hand files, designed to smooth and shape materials effortlessly. You'll find various profiles and coarseness to cater to different projects and materials.  

Pliers, Pincers and Tweezers:

When it comes to gripping and holding, our pliers, pincers, and tweezers are second to none. Built for durability and ergonomic handling, these tools are indispensable for any workshop.  

Trowels & Spatulas:

For builders and masons, our selection of trowels & spatulas ensures seamless application of materials, while our sturdy vices and grips provide a secure hold for various workpieces.  


Tackle nuts, bolts, and pipes with ease using our premium wrenches, available in different sizes and types to suit diverse applications.  

Axes and Splitting Wedges:

If you're looking to split wood efficiently, our high-quality axes and splitting wedges are the perfect companions for any outdoor project.  

Tool Boxes and Parts Storage:

To keep your valuable tools organized and easily accessible, explore our durable and spacious tool boxes and parts storage solutions. Never waste time searching for a tool again!