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Looking to buy a Headset? Here at HuntOffice we stock a wide range of Headsets for a variety of uses. Whether you’re looking for a headset for gaming, work or the gym - we have you covered. Our selection of headsets come with a variety of connection types including: USB, Bluetooth, Jack 3.5mm, USB-C and more. Wired or Wireless Headsets, on-ear or over-ear - whatever your preference, HuntOffice has you covered.

Logitech, Jabra, EPOS - What Headsets brand?

We stock a variety of Headset brands - whatever you need, you can browse our selection of quality headset brands such as Jabra, Logitech EPOS and more! Before buying any electronic piece of equipment, you must take into consideration what needs your equipment might fill. Take the time to browse and consider options that different brands and manufacturers offer. Here at HuntOffice we aim to make it as easy as possible for you to find the best headset for your needs.

Wireless Headsets

Wireless Headsets provide users with complete freedom of movement. Wireless headsets with a mic are often used by active users who require the freedom of movement. The majority of wireless headsets utilise a subtle design with a built in head word microphone. HuntOffice stocks a wide range of wireless headsets from such brands as Jabra, POLY, EPOS, Logitech and more.

Headset with Mic

Headsets with built in mics are an essential tool to the modern working person. With the rise of working from home and home working stations, Headsets with mics are now essential to staying connected to your wider team. These headsets allow you to speak, hear and record at the click of a button.

Office Headsets

Looking for a new Office Headset? We stock a wide range of headsets that are designed for office use. Whether you need an Over-ear or On-ear headset, built in Mic or a wireless rechargeable headset - HuntOffice has it all. Find the perfect Office headset for you, right here.



Here's what our customers are saying...

Logitech PC Headset 960 USB - Headset - on-ear - wired
  Very happy  
  "Very happy with this headset!! It works perfectly with my PC and was very easy to set up. It's designed really well and is very comfortable and easily adjusted and the sound quality is very clear and probably the best quality I've had on a headset like this."  
Barry Boy   
Logitech USB Headset H390 - Headset - full size - wired
  "I was looking for a solid headset that I could use mostly for skype and watching videos/movies. This Logitech H390 has a very good design as the ear pads don't allow almost any sound to leak and you can isolate yourself completely from the noises surrounding you. The rotating microphone comes handy if you are using the headset only for listening purposes. I'd say this Logitech headset offers much more than what the price would suggest."  
Trish 14th Nov 2017   
Logitech USB Headset H390 - Headset - full size - wired

Extremely Clear Sound   
  "We have been trialing this logitech h390 headset at work for four weeks now and I have to say that I placed an order for twelve of them just today. They really are a very comfortable headset to wear and when you have one of these on your head all day, comfort is the most important thing. They also give an extremely clear sound both from the caller and from the receiver. This logitech h390 headset has been an outstanding purchase for us."  
Logitech USB Headset H390 - Headset - full size

Feels great  
  Using this headset for few weeks already and it feels great, comfortable, also the noise cancelling microphone is isolating my Skype calls perfectly from my busy office surroundings.  
Amy, Newbridge. 16th Nov 17   
Logitech USB Headset H390 - Headset - full size

Very cheap   
  "We have had these logitech h390 headsets at work for some time now. They really are a great headset. There is very clear sound from them and the are extremely comfortable to wear. We were having problems with the old headsets and we trialed two of these logitech h390 headsets for a time before we bought the rest. I would recommend them for anyone who uses a headset at work and they are very cheap too."