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• High visibility clothing is a type of personal protective equipment which is used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. The main purpose of high visibility clothing is to make people wearing it more visible which especially important for environments where there are poor lighting conditions or places such as warehouse or factories where a lot of industrial machinery is used. As with most of protective work wear, high visibility clothing has to meet certain requirements and safety standards such as EN 471:2003 which is the European standard for high visibility clothing.

• The EN471 standard describes 2 main characteristics in high visibility clothing which are the minimum area of conspicuous materials and the retro reflection level. There are 3 levels that describe how much is the material conspicuous. Class 1 is the lowest level of visibility, class 2 provides an intermediate level of visual protection and class 3 is the highest level of visibility available in high visibility clothing.

• The quality of light reflection is described as 1 for clothing that is less visible and 2 is applied to high visibility clothing that is more visible. This metric applies to light reflection in dark/night condition when headlights are pointed towards high visibility clothing.

• When shopping for high visibility clothing you will see both of these properties included in products specifications in format EN471 x : y, where x stands for conspicuous and y for light reflection of the materials.

• It is extremely important for the safety and comfort of use to choose the correct type of high visibility clothing which is suitable for particular type of work. Like any professional work wear, high visibility clothing should be comfortable and allow easy movement for the user. Workplace temperature should also be considered when deciding on high visibility clothing as some environments are great to wear lightweight vests or overalls whereas places like food warehouses or outdoor locations require high visibility jackets and trousers.

• The range of high visibility clothing on huntoffice.ie includes various type of work wear such as vests, jackets and trousers that come in a selection of visibility classes. The brands that we source our high visibility clothing from include Portwest and Dealer Workwear.