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At Hunt Office Ireland we supply a wide variety of home office furniture to domestic customers all across the country. In our home office furniture section you will find home office furniture such as desks, chairs, home office storage, supplies and more. With more people working from home than ever before, we offer a range of furniture that is especially designed for home office purposes. The home office furniture that you will find provides all the benefits and functionality of professional office furniture but its size and design are adjusted to use within the home environment.

Home Office Furniture Available:

  • Computer workstations - as space may be limited to fit a large desk, a computer workstation is the perfect solution because of the compact size and great functionality. Most of the computer stations that are available on our site are fitted with a keyboard shelf/drawer and a printer shelf which is the ideal solution for saving space. We also stock mobile computer workstations that allow you easily moving your workstation around the house if needed. Our range of computer workstations come in a number of eye-catching finishes to match any style home office.
  • Storage units - to hold all the necessary files, folders or any other documents needed on a daily basis. Our range of storage units are very handy to use within home offices as they provide open storage space with instant access to all the required papers. You can choose between different colours and section sizes to meet your requirements.
  • Office chair - one thing that the perfect home office can’t do without is a proper office chair. We offer a selection of chairs that are ideal to use at home. With compact size, medium fire retardancy and comfortable seat such chairs are great additions to your home office. Our home office chairs come in different colours and styles so that you can choose the chair which meets all your requirements.

If you require any advice regarding home office furniture please contact one of our customer service representatives who will be happy to provide you with any necessary information.