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Astroplast Instant Cold Ice Pack - Pack of 1 3601001

Astroplast Instant Cold Ice Pack - Pack of 1 3601001

RRP: €5.90
€2.95 ex vat
€3.63 inc vat
Ergodyne N-Ferno Hand Warming Packs  (Box of 40)

Ergodyne N-Ferno Hand Warming Packs (Box of 40)

€62.90 ex vat
€77.37 inc vat

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Here's what our customers are saying...

Tim Walsh  
Wallace Cameron Disposable Chemically-Activated Instant Cold Pack
  Can't Go Wrong With his!   
  "An instant cold pack is an item I always keep in the first aid kit. You can't go wrong with this one. Its important to read the instructions on the pack before trying to use it. I made that mistake when I first started using these Wallace Cameron cold packs. I thought to activate it you simply needed to shake vigorously but you need to squeeze the pack first. No other problems with this ice pack, it works very effectively once activated and I should know, I've used it for an injury I picked up recently!"  
Nicolette Haefner  
Wallace Cameron Hot/Cold Reusable Compress Pack 1
  So affordable!   
  "This hot/cold pack is so handy to have. So affordable "  
Medicare Instant Heat/Hot Pack Pack of 1 3601007
  Absolutely Brilliant Hot Pack! 
  "I can definitely recommend these hot packs! Absolutely brilliant and good value."  
Rapid Relief Natural Therapeutic Oat Bag & Gel Pack Square Ref RA11278
  Lost without it!   
  "I use this on my neck. I'd be lost without it"  
Treat & Ease Cooling Cold Spray 150ml Pack of 1
  A Multitude Of Uses  
  "This has a multitude of uses but I use for mainly insect bitesd to cool the area it really does make a difference by taking away the hot"