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Name Badges at The Q Connect Store

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“You only get one chance to make a first impression!” Image and professional appearance has never been more important for businesses in customer, investor-facing roles. Make a great first impression, boost confidence, trust and respect with our wide selection of Name Badges. Here, in Huntoffice Name Badges Section we have a variety of badges in different shapes, sizes, colours, materials to choose from. Our Name, ID Badges, Security Pass holders feature various fittings allowing you to choose best attachment method suitable with you particular work wear requirements.

Name badges are used for staff, visitor management, security identification in offices, factories, conferences, exhibitions, seminars, training sessions and other business events.

Staff name badges play such an important role in business: they enable the staff to stand out from the crowd, promote self-worth, confirm their position and role within the organisation, also they are very affective in highlighting the value of the brand. All the major brands and companies who deal with their customers on a face to face basis have the use of name badges included in their customer care policy.
Security is an important priority for organizations today more than ever. Companies and government departments may issue, Security passes and ID cards for security purposes. No one questions an importance of keeping your security pass safe and visible. Security Pass Holders and ID Badges provide the highest quality protection with a practical and useful solution to all of your identification needs
Desktop/Door Name Plates and other office signage are used in law firms, government firms, medical offices or professional office environments and deliver a stylish form of identification. These classy and appealing to the eye name plates not only convey names, but also occupations, titles, affiliations and much more.

For greater flexibility name badges come with variety of fittings to choose from:
• Pin Badges
• Clip Badges
• Magnetic Badges
• Self-Adhesive Badges
• Lanyard Badge Holders
• Reel Badge Holders

Name badges come in variety of colours and are usually made from materials like plastic, aluminium or steel.  They also can be customised with required information using various technologies:
• Printable Name Badge Inserts
• Hand-Writable Name Badges
• Engravable Name Badges

Here, at Huntoffice Name Badges section, you can find perfect name badge for your needs and requirements. We stock great quality and value name badges from variety of brands like Durable, Avery, Q-Connect. Available for delivery to all counties in Ireland, including to Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Galway.



Here's what our customers are saying...

Sheila Grace  
Durable Security Name Badges Portrait 90 x 60mm Pack 25
  Excellent Quality Name Badges!   
  "As a conference organiser for a hotel group I am purchasing name badges, these name badges from Durable are excellent quality and size. For a pack of 25 they are a great price too. Will be sticking with Durable Name Badges in future. Thanks Hunt Office."  
Durable Security Name Badges Portrait 90 x 60mm Pack 25 
  "Not that many portrait name badges to choose from, I have browsed the full range and only found few of them. I chose these name badges since I have used products made by Durable and they were of good quality."  
GBC Name Badge Clips Metal and Plastic Pack 100
  "I thought I will never find name badge clips on their own! I have checked few places and they all were selling complete sets of badges with clips. All I wanted was loose pack of badge clips as I make the rest myself and just needed something I can attach them to clothes with. These are exactly what I needed. Sound."  
Breda, Sligo  
Durable Self Laminating Name Badge 90 x 54mm Pack 25
  Next Day Delivery!  
  "the choice of office supplies that you can find here in Sligo isn't that great so i usually go online as I can find better variety of products and often they would be cheaper than in local stores. I couldn't find self laminating name badges anywhere here. Ordered these yesterday and received them today. Will use the site again. #Sligo#OfficeSupplies"  
Daria, Dublin 4   
Avery Name Badge Kit Laser W86.5xH55.5mm L7418 25 Sheets
  Extremely Useful Name Badge Kit!   
  "I have to say that I found this name badge kit extremely useful, it only takes few minutes to prepare a full set of custom name badges, easy to separate individual badges from the sheet."  
Edel Maher  
Avery Name Badge Kit Laser W86.5xH55.5mm L7418 25 Sheets 
  Great Product  
"Ideal for making badges for conferences, you can customise with name and company logo. Great value for money, would definitely recommend."
DB constructions  
Blue Textile Lanyard Contractor Printed with Safety Closure Pack 10 Durable
  Great Product  
  "We needed such lanyards for our previous job but we found them so useful that we started using them for any works we are doing now. Great product."  
Robert Dawn  
Security Card Badge Holder Red 54x85mm Pack 25 Durable
  Great Pass Holder  
  "this pass holder does exactly what it should. The card stays secure in it so not a hope you will loose it. I used to keep my door card in the pocket with other cards but it was a disaster - it kept to stop working and usually when I needed it the most as there was no one else who would have their card on them."  
Avery L4784-20 Name Badge Laser Labels 63.5 x 29.6mm White 540
   Very Useful Name Badge Labels !   
  "These self adhesive name badge labels are very useful when you have a lot of guests and visitors each day at your workplace. The adhesive is strong, works on all fabrics and it doesn't leave any residue."  
Alvin Johnson  
Avery Name Badge Kit Laser W86.5xH55.5mm L7418 25 Sheets
   Great Product  
  "This Avery name badge kit is great for making customised name badges. The final produced badge looks really professional. It is very easy to setup and print on the inserts, I would definitely recommend."