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Rubber floor mats are versatile and durable mats made from rubber materials. They are used in various settings, from industrial and commercial spaces to residential and automotive applications. Rubber floor mats offer several benefits, including:


 Rubber is a rugged and long-lasting material, making rubber floor mats well-suited for high-traffic areas. They can withstand heavy use, wear, and tear over time.

Slip Resistance

Rubber mats typically have a non-slip surface texture, which provides excellent traction. This feature is especially important in areas where slip and fall accidents are a concern, such as entryways and wet environments.

Shock Absorption

Rubber mats offer cushioning and shock absorption, making them comfortable to stand on for extended periods. This is why they are commonly used as anti-fatigue mats in workplaces where employees need to stand for long hours.


Rubber floor mats can protect the underlying floor surface from damage, including scratches, scuffs, and stains. They act as a barrier against heavy equipment, furniture, and other potential sources of damage.

Sound Dampening

Rubber's density and composition make it an effective material for reducing noise. Rubber mats can help minimize noise transmission in environments where sound control is essential, such as gyms and industrial facilities.

Easy Maintenance

 Rubber mats are relatively easy to clean and maintain. They can be swept, vacuumed, or hosed down to remove dirt and debris. Some can even be machine washed.



Rubber Floor Mats Ireland


There are several types of rubber floor mats, each designed for specific purposes:



Anti-Fatigue Mats

 These mats have a cushioned design to reduce fatigue and discomfort for individuals who need to stand for extended periods. They are commonly used in workplaces like factories, kitchens, and retail spaces.


Entrance Mats

 Rubber entrance mats are often placed at building entrances to trap dirt, moisture, and debris, preventing them from being tracked indoors. They help keep the interior clean and safe.


Anti-slip Mats

Slip-resistant mats or non-slip mats, are specialised mats designed to reduce the risk of slips, trips, and falls by providing increased traction and grip on various surfaces. These mats are commonly used in both residential and commercial settings to enhance safety, especially in areas where slippery conditions are a concern.


Electrical Safety Mats

 Electrical Safetly mats also known as insulating mats or switchboard mats, are specialised mats designed to provide protection against electric shock in areas where there is a risk of electrical hazards. These mats are typically used in electrical substations, switch rooms, power generation facilities, and other locations where workers may come into contact with electrical equipment.


Anti-Bacterial Mats

 Anti-bacterial mats also known as antimicrobial mats or germ-killing mats, are specialised mats designed to inhibit the growth and spread of bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms on their surfaces. These mats are commonly used in various settings where hygiene and cleanliness are a priority, such as healthcare facilities, food processing plants, laboratories, and public places


Boot Scraper Mat

A boot or shoe scrapper mat is an outdoor mat designed to help remove dirt, mud, snow, and debris from the soles of shoes or boots before entering a building. These mats are especially useful in preventing dirt and debris from being tracked indoors, thereby helping to keep interior spaces clean.


When choosing rubber floor mats, consider the specific requirements of your space, such as size, thickness, and texture. Additionally, be mindful of any regulations or safety standards that apply to your intended use, such as fire resistance or slip resistance requirements.


Here at HuntOffice we have a fantastic range of rubber floor mats suitable for many insustry requirements.

Here's what our customers are saying...

Galina, Cork  
 COBA Ramp Entrance Scraper Mat Rubber Hard-wearing 900mm x 1500mm Black Mat. Wheelchair Accessible. Ideal For Protection In Icy Snow Conditions & For Scraping Boots After Outdoor Activity.
   Very Quick Delivery Service!  
"As the bad weather hits the country as usual around this time, we had to get some durable rubber mat to place outside the entrance, as the indoor mat just isnt enough to collect all the mood and water. We ordered this rubber mat only yesterday and there it here this morning already - very quick delivery service i have to say! The mat looks very durable and it is not slippy- we tested already. And it is huge, so looking at the size the price looks reasonable enough... "
 Octo Door Mat Indoor and Outdoor Rubber 600mmx800mm Black Doortex
  What a Great Long Lasting Product!  
"This is my second time buying one of these octo floortex products for the doorways here. What a great long lasting product in a high foot traffic environment."
  Octo Door Mat Indoor and Outdoor Rubber 600mmx800mm Black Doortex
   Very Durable Door Mat!  
"Very durable door mat, not slippy surface and very easy to powerhose when needed. handy size and can be put outside the door too."
 Octo Door Mat Indoor and Outdoor Rubber 800x1200mm Doortex
  Great Product!  
"These are outside the warehouse to increase safety. I bought the mats after some extreme weather a couple of years ago that affected the transport and safety. "
Anna Hogan  
  Mat Anti-fatigue Rubber Textured Anti-slip Bevelled-edge 610x910mm Bubble Pattern Doortex
  Great Quality!  
"Great quality Anti-slip mat. Increases comfort, productivity and safety. Relieves fatigue from prolonged standing. Best of in and out door. Great price so happy with my purchase. thanks huntoffice"
  Mat Anti-fatigue Rubber Textured Anti-slip Bevelled-edge 610x910mm Bubble Pattern Doortex
  Best Purchases I Have Ever Made!  
"I have to spend a lot of my time on my feet and when I saw this Doortex Anti-Fatigue Mat, I decided that I would give it a try. There were two types, the Bubble Mat and the Ripple Mat but I went for the Ripple Mat. I did not think that it would work but it has been one of the best purchases I have ever made. It is a heavy duty mat and because it is made of rubber, it can be washed. It definately gave my sore feet a new lease of life and my boss says my productivity has increased. So much so, the company are buying one for every workstation and are giving me my money back for the one I bought myself. Fantastic on all levels."
  Mat Anti-fatigue Rubber Textured Anti-slip Bevelled-edge 610x910mm Bubble Pattern Doortex
   Simply a Must for Anyone who Spend a Large Share of the Day Standing in the one Spot!  
"I opened a corner shop a few years ago with my husband. Thankfully, it has been very busy but the down side is that the hours are long and i spend quite a few hours on my feet every day. I have noticed that i am starting to get Varicose veins in my legs. That is why i have purchased the Doortex Anti-fatigue Rubber Textured mat. I have found instant relief since i started using it. Now i dont suffer with as much fatigue as i used to. Simply a must for anyone who spend a large share of the day standing in the one spot."
  Mat Anti-fatigue Rubber Textured Anti-slip Bevelled-edge 610x910mm Bubble Pattern Doortex
   Simply a Great Product!  
"This is simply a great product. ordered a second one for a high foot traffic area outside back office door."
Leslie Brian  
  Floortex Kablemat Rubber Backing Black 400x1200mm Ref FCKAB40120
   Brilliant Product!  
"We have a lot of machinery in one area of the office and we wanted to cover the cables up to prevent anyone tripping and it is quite an eyesore. We were lucky to find this mat as it is almost the exact same colour as the carpets that were already on the floor. The high visibility tape around the edge also helps to know where exactly the cables are if we need to unplug a machine or check something out. "
James Rielly  
 Kitchen Mat 850x1400mm Black 319138
   Great Purchase!  
"I purchased two of these for my business. The chefs are delighted & bar tenders are over the moon with it. When we get busy & hit peak season, the floor can always get wet with so many liquids moving around for cleaning & drinking etc. great purchase. Thanks Huntoffice!"