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Inkjet Paper at The Evolve Store

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Evolve White Everyday Recycled A4 Paper 80gsm 2500 Sheets 3613630000462

Evolve White Everyday Recycled A4 Paper 80gsm 2500 Sheets …

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Choosing the correct paper is essential to achieve optimum printing results. Bad paper choice can result in disappointing results. When choosing paper you should match the paper to the purpose, from photo prints to professional promotional literature. Inkjet paper is a high quality paper specifically designed to be used with inkjet printers. Inkjet paper can be easily identified by its weight, brightness and smoothness in comparison to standard office paper. Inkjet paper absorbs ink very well without it bleeding through which makes it perfect for colour print jobs, marketing material or any image-intensive documents.
At Huntoffice, we supply a variety of inkjet paper designed to work with inkjet printers. Choose from a range of different inkjet paper finishes which includes smooth, glossy and matt. Inkjet paper weights range from 90gsm all the way up to 160gsm and from well known manufacturers Hewlett Packard, Epson, Navigator and 5 Star.

Choosing the right Inkjet Paper:

  • Paper Weight – This refers to the thickness and weight of the inkjet paper which is usually expressed in GSM which stands for grams per square metre. This generally means that the heavier the paper, the more prestigious it looks and feels. The weight of the inkjet paper you choose should depend on the intended use. Basic inkjet paper is usually around 90 to 100gsm weight and is suitable for everyday use as well as for reports, presentations and flyers. The more heavyweight inkjet paper 160gsm and upwards, feels more substantial and will add a professional weight and look to any project or presentation. This paper is also ideal for customised promotional material such as brochures or flyers and can handle double sided printing as the ink will not bleed through to the other side. The printer manual should also be checked beforehand to ensure the paper is within the thickness the printer can handle.
  • Paper Finish – Inkjet paper comes in a choice of finishes which are smooth, matt and glossy. Inkjet paper finish often comes down to personal preference but each finish works better with different types of uses. For example, smooth paper might be a good choice if you intend to print hand outs, important correspondence, leaflets or brochures because it has a smooth luxurious finish which can create a lasting impression to those handling the documents. Inkjet paper with a glossy finish will produce clear, vibrant and colour rich images as well as crisp deep black text. This makes glossy inkjet paper the perfect choice for printing promotional leaflets, brochures, business photos or any image-intensive documents and marketing material.  Matte inkjet paper has a smooth, velvety finish without the glare or sheen of glossy paper. Matte inkjet paper tends to produce exceptional text print results as well as rich colour which makes it a good choice if you intend to print literature with a mixture of text and images. All of these factors should help in the decision of which type of inkjet paper to go for and the overall finished look you want to achieve for your material.

Size and Brightness – Inkjet paper varies in brightness. Usually, the whiter the paper the better your printed material will look. The brightness of paper is typically expressed on a scale of 1 to 100 with 100 being the whitest. The whiteness of the inkjet paper will affect the image quality on the paper with colours appearing more vibrant and clear on whiter paper. Inkjet paper is also available in different sizes to suit a range of purposes. The most popular inkjet paper sizes found here on Huntoffice (available throughout Ireland, including Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Galway) includes A4, A3 and A2.



Here's what our customers are saying...

5 Star A4 White Office Inkjet Printer Paper Matt 165gsm (100 Sheets) Ref 917464
  Another Great 5 Star Product   
  "Bought this paper after friend seed we should try. Sometime we do a special presentation and to use it. The matt surface is dry very quick and provides well definition of the pictures. A colleague seed the pictures are steel bright even after few mounts but about these I will write after. At this moment from my experience shows the paper provides better colour saturation and the print quality is high. For a small amount we get 100 sheets of photo paper who meets our requirements."  
Epson A4 Archival Matte Inkjet Printer Paper 192gsm (Pack of 50)
  Archival Paper   
  "As matte paper goes this is a good choice, have used it for some family photos that still look great!"  
Epson A4 Inkjet Printer Paper 90gsm Bright White Ream (Pack of 500)
  Excellent Epson Inkjet Paper!  
  "i'm going to join the folks below who were praising this inkjet paper before me. What some people might have not noticed this paper is not actually a multifunction but one that's specifically designed for use on inkjet printers. This is the most important for me as I do mostly colour prints and I require paper that will allow printing on both sides without the ink bleeding through the page - this paper is ideal for such purposes. I don't know about their machines but epson paper is spot on! The price as for A4 inkjet paper is very attractive as well."  


Kathleen Murphy  
Epson A4 Inkjet Printer Paper 90gsm Bright White Ream (Pack of 500)
  Inkjet Paper Review   
  "My first time shopping on line with Huntoffice I purchased this A4 Bright White Inkjet Paper Epson 90gsm. Since then I am a regular customer. The quality of this paper is excellent, and it is ideal for double sided printing, it is a highly absorbant paper, the best that I have ever used."  


Andy Bath  
5 Star A4 White Office Inkjet Printer Paper Matt 165gsm (100 Sheets) Ref 917464
  Perfect Presentation Paper   
  "I have to give a lot of presentations in my line of work. How you interact with people during the presentation is one thing but if the person or people you are giving the presentation do not have clear, legible hand-outs then I find that I am just wasting my time. I have recently purchased some of this matt photo paper and I have to say it is really, really good. Because it has a matt Surface it gives an improved image on the paper. Great for my handouts. Even though it is one of the cheaper brands it really does exactly what it is supposed to. I have to say this photo paper has opened my eyes to purchasing more generic brands."