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Iron transfers are a great way of creating personalised and unique pieces of clothing. Iron transfer paper allows you to apply any desired print or image on its surface. You can use iron transfers for making customized clothes for you and your family or you can use it for professional purposes, such as t-shirts with your company’s logo or advertisements.

How do iron transfers work?

Iron transfer paper is covered with a layer of heat activated adhesive that allows a strong bond to be created between the fabric and the transferred print. Most iron transfers available on the market are designed to be used with inkjet printers, allowing a great range of colours. To get the best results when using iron transfers it is important to use clothes which consist of at least 70% cotton, but ideally it is advised to use them on clothing pieces that are made 100% of cotton. Some iron on transfers are especially designed either for light or dark colours, so check you are using the right type of iron transfer to be satisfied with the final outcome.


How to use iron-on transfers

• Choose the print that you want to apply, you can use your own scanned images, find graphics online (ensuring they are free to use) or create your own pictures.

• When editing the image (especially ones that include any sort of text), it is important to mirror the image so that it is displayed correctly after applying it onto fabric. Use a sheet of regular printer paper and print out a test page to see if the print looks the way you want it when printed.

• You also need to check the iron transfer paper is put into the printer in the correct position – most of manufacturers place clear markings on their products indicating which way to put it in. When the iron transfer is printed, take the fabric you wish to apply it on and place it on a flat heat-resistant surface big enough to accommodate the whole area of applied print.

• Lay out the fabric so that there are no wrinkles and it is as smooth as possible. If you are applying the iron transfer onto clothing, you need to place brown paper in between the front and the back so that the image is only printed on the side you want it to be.

• Apply the iron transfer image face down exactly where you want it to be.

• Before turning on the iron, read the instructions that are always included with iron transfer paper which will tell you what temperature the iron should be set to.

• When the iron is ready to work, start moving it circularly, beginning from one of the edges of the iron transfer and move steadily towards the centre of it. You should press the iron firmly and thoroughly throughout the iron transfer.

• Leave the fabric to cool down for 5-10 minutes, then slowly remove the backing of the iron transfer.


Here's what our customers are saying...

User Icon Lucas N.   
Epson Cool Peel Iron-On Transfer Paper Pack of 10
 Star Rating Highly Recommend   
  "Bought these iron-on transfers for kids halloween costume, of course most of the pack is now sitting unused but it worked well for our purposes."  
User Icon paula  
Epson Cool Peel Iron-On Transfer Paper Pack of 10
 Star Rating Great Product   
  "This has saved me so much time!! Great for adding names or symbols on to uniforms and just personalising your clothes in general! Very easy to use, the design irons on straight away. I have garments I used this on months ago and the transfers are still fully stuck on them so it doesn't start to peel after washes either!"  
User Icon Kenny  
Epson Cool Peel Iron-On Transfer Paper Pack of 10
 Star Rating Great Buy   
  "Works as it should, irons on fairly easy you just have to make sure you print & iron on the right sides."  
User Icon Denis McHugh,Kells  
Q Connect T Shirt Transfer Paper Pack of 10 KF01430
 Star Rating An Essential   
  "A brilliant and easy way to transfer designs onto your own t-shirts. Great value and quality."  
User Icon Natasha  
HP - A4 (210 x 297 mm) 12 pcs. iron-on transfers - for Envy 5055, 7645; Officejet 5255, 6000 E609, 7500; PageWide MFP 377; PageWide Pro 452
 Star Rating Great Quality Product   
  "These are really good quality transfers, you can tell the difference from cheaper ones. Used this with my HP Printer and my HP ink and the images came out really well, and transferred onto fabric with no issues."