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Key Fobs at The Q Connect Store

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Q-Connect Key Fobs Assorted Pack of 100

Q-Connect Key Fobs Assorted Pack of 100

RRP: €175.76
€8.45 ex vat
€10.39 inc vat
Q-Connect Sliding Key Fob Medium Assorted Pack of 40

Q-Connect Sliding Key Fob Medium Assorted Pack of 40

RRP: €109.75
€10.45 ex vat
€12.85 inc vat
Q-Connect Key Fobs Assorted Pack of 6

Q-Connect Key Fobs Assorted Pack of 6

RRP: €100.90
€11.95 ex vat
€14.70 inc vat
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Are you constantly in the habit of misplacing your keys? If so, you could possibly benefit from some kind of key fobs. Here at Huntoffice you will find a wide range of key storage items such as Key fobs and key hangers to help keep your keys organized. A key hanger or key fob is a small chain, usually made of metal or plastic that connects a small item to a key ring. They are extremely useful items as they allow you to keep multiple keys together in the one place making them harder to lose. Key fobs or key hangers are also commonly known as key rings or key chains and can also be hung on the wall or in key storage cabinets which makes accidental loss even less likely. 

Why choose a key fob or key hanger? 

• Keep all of your all-important keys in the one place. Not only useful for keeping your keys in the one place but the small items that are used every day such as shop loyalty tags, flash drives, bottle openers etc. 
• Very inexpensive. Especially when bought in bulk. 
• Small and light enough to not take up a huge amount of room or weigh down pockets or handbags for example. 
• For business or home owners who use lots of different sets of keys. Key fobs offer an easy way to personalize and label different keys with the included key tags. 
• Various colours and styles to choose from for easy identification 
• Key fobs or hangers allow you to hang your keys on hooks or key storage cabinets at home or at work allowing you to store your keys safely and locate them easily. 

A few points to help you choose the correct key storage: 

• The first thing you should consider is how many key fobs or key hangers you require. Whether you’re a home user and just need to organize a few different sets of keys or whether you’re a business owner and need to keep several keys separate with individual labels we have something to suit. We supply a range of various sized packs from small packs of 5 right up to large packs of 500. 
• Choose the correct size; this depends on how many keys you wish to hold on the one key chain. We have medium and large key fobs and hangers go choose from. 
• We have a wide selection of colours to choose from. Whether you want something plain for business use or want something bright and colourful to make your keys stand out. 
Items commonly attached to key fobs and hangers: 
• Bottle openers, flashlights, key rings, loyalty cards, USB flash drives, lasers, Lighters, trolley tokens, membership cards and many more. 


Here's what our customers are saying...

James Murphy  
5 Star Key Hanger Standard with Fob Label Assorted [Pack 20]
  Great Purchase!   
  "Bought these key rings to un-mangle the bunch of keys which were impossibly hard to find and wasted to much time. I bought the color coded key rings to sort out the mess and couldn't be happier with the purchase."  
Stephen Long  
Durable Key Clip Black Pack of 6
  Strong Key Clip  
  "Very good value key clip holder. I am very impressed and you would know it was made from quality materials. They come in four colors but I was impressed with the black. Good quick delivery thanks"  
Kitty Woods  
Key Hanger Sliding with Fob Label Area Tag Size Medium Assorted Pack of 10
  Quality Is Superb For The Price!  
  "That is all you need to get your keys organized - it might not be as needed at home but it surely works for business premises, especially ones with lots of extra locks or keypads. What makes these key fobs different from other ones? The label on which you can write what does the particular key open is stored in a plastic sliding casing so there is no chance it's going to fall out or become hard to read. All you need is a key box or key cabinet to store the keys in. I found that helix make a great range of such products and have to say the quality is superb."
Lilly Grantham  
5 Star Key Hanger Standard with Fob Label Assorted [Pack 20]
  Such Handy Key Fobs! 
  "I have been the administrator for a community swimming pool for the last number of years and between lockers for staff and lockers for members, we can never keep track of keys. Everyday someone would come in and look for the spare key for their locker and I would hand them a bunch of keys to figure out which one was their spare. I bought these Helix Key Hangers Write-on in Assorted Colours for our staff lockers. I numbered all the spare keys using these Helix Key Hangers and I numbered each locker. They are just such a handy item to have. I have also bought a pack of Helix Key Hangers in Red for the member's lockers."
Durable Key Clip Black Pack of 6
  Good Value Solution Key Fobs!   
  "Brilliant, good value solution for labelling and organising your keys. The key ring is a good size and the cover on the label is clear but strong. The price is great for a pack of 6 and it comes in a few different colours too so I'm sure anyone who purchases one will be as satisfied as I am!"  
Owen Hackett  
Key Hanger Standard with Fob Assorted [Pack 100]
  Amazing Price For 100 Key Fobs  
  "Amazing price for 100 key fobs. We have lockers in our offices so need a lot of keyfobs for the keys."  
Helix Assorted Sliding Key Fobs Medium Assorted Pack of 50
  All Round Good Product!   
  "good price and good quality and good durabillity"  
Jennifer O Brien  
Stephens Assorted Tabbies Keyrings Display Pack of 50
  Cheep and Cheerful Key Fobs! 
  "These are grand fobs and fairly robust too for the price. Very happy with Hunt Office - Always deliver quality goods ontime and know how to look after their customers!"  
Ricky O Connor (Limerick)  
Helix Assorted Sliding Key Fobs Medium Assorted Pack of 50
  Versatile Key Fobs! 
  "These keyfobs by helix are very useful for our premises. We have lots of employees who need access to both their lockers, and different doors in the school. The fobs are easy to add/remove keys, but once a key is on, there is no chance of them falling off, unlike some other fobs I've come across."  
Sophie Burke  
Securikey Heavy Duty Black Key Reel 1200mm
  Heavy Duty Key Fob! 
  "This key fob reel is the best way to ensure your keys are safe - they never leave your person. says the steel cord is guaranteed not to break and so far so good. Happy to recommend"  
Jacky Long  
Helix Assorted Sliding Key Fobs Medium Assorted Pack of 50
  Low Priced Key Fob! 
  "Nice low price for pack of 50 Helix Premium key fobs. The fitted key ring with coloured label holder is good for identification of various key sets. And the sliding cover gives an easy access to the index label so you can write what a particular set is for. Now I can label all my keys and never again wonder which key is to my garage and which is to house door."