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Here's what our customers are saying...

Ann Marie  
Bravilor Bonamat Renegite Kettle Descaler Sachets Pack 15
  Works Perfectly!  
  "I would never expect to come across Bravilor Bonamat when looking for descaling sachets... I know the brand as we used to have professional coffee makers form this company in my previous workplace. But then it makes sense that they supply A-Z when it comes to kettles and coffee machines so a descaling agent makes sense alright. These sachets are really powerful - I live in south west and the water is extremely hard here so I have to descale the kettle every 2-3 weeks. Most of the shops sell these in small packets and quite expensive so the offer here seems fairly reasonable."  
Lucy Harrison  
Cif Professional Power Cleaner and Degreaser 750ml
  Cheap Enough! Works Well Too :)  
  "Nice smell and very effective with all types of dirt. Best i would say is cooking spills. "  
Clover UB10 Degreaser Concentrate 2 Litre 991
  Good product  
  "We moved houses and needed someting to degrease the cooker and oven in both places this worked great just put a small amount into a spray bottle and mix with water. Will purchase again!"  
Denise Smith  
PVA Food Safe Sanitiser Sachets Ref 4017990 [Pack 20]
  Really like this product  
  "Was looking for a product to sanitise in our small caffe these work great couldnt believe how clean everything was. good prce too and next day delivery."