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From extension ladders to safety ladders, and step stools to loft ladders, here at Hunt Office stock an extensive range of products for when you need extra height. Our Ladders are certified to European safety standards and are available with a variety of heights, tread count, sections and materials including aluminium, wood and fibreglass. Regardless of your project requirements, we guarantee that we have the ladder you need to get the job done safe and efficiently. Step ladders are invaluable for a huge range of tasks around the home, garden and workplace. From decorating, to storage access, to contract work, we have an extensive selection of standard ladders, right through to platform ladders for you to view at Hunt Office.
Steps and Stools are an important tool in the workplace or home, when reaching for shelving and storage. They also work well for smaller DIY jobs too. Check out our range here.
Extension Ladders are vital for the tradesperson who is working at higher than normal heights. Extension ladders are made up of two or more ladders which slide and lock in to place at the desired height. Extension ladders can be seen here in a variety of certifications and number of steps.
Work Platforms are a must have for workers as they provide a safe and stable elevated surface, to complete larger projects that require movement. There are wide options to choose from with non-slip, or handrail safety features. Browse Work Platforms and Hunt Office large range of accessories here.
People Lifts and Elevators usually for Indoor or outdoor use, personnel lifts and towers go that extra mile to provide safer working environment at height. Ideal for warehouse maintenance and stock taking, they can be extremely compact and manoeuvrable.

Ladder Buying Guide

  • You should only buy a stepladder or ladder that conforms to the relevant British or European Standard, and one which is clearly marked with the load it can safely support.
  • Always inspect your ladder very carefully before you use it to check there are no dents or splits.
  • Stepladders and General use ladders are reach up to three metres. If your job requires higher than this then you should look at Extension Ladder or Work Platform.
  • Extension Ladder or Work Platforms are necessary when you need to reach a large area of wall or roofs up to about 10m high. These are normally made from lightweight aluminium with sections that clip together, work platforms will in addition have a set of boards and a guard rail combined. Some ladders and most platforms will have lockable wheels that combine both safety and portability. Work platforms are especially popular for larger interior and exterior decorating projects. Here continuously moving a ladder becomes labour intensive, so using a platform or lift helps to complete projects more efficiently and speedily.


    Here's what our customers are saying...

    Pádraig Browne  
    Abru Fibreglass Platform Stepladder 4-Tread Top Tread Height 0.94m Max Height 2.69m Yellow
      Definitely Feel Safer On This Ladder!   
      "Great ladder, very sturdy. Like the description says its good for electrical work because it is much safer. I definitely feel safer on this ladder than I did on my old one which was almost all just solid metal. I don't mind paying the little extra for the security of non conductive fibreglass. The tool tray on the top step is such a huge help too, I can keep all of the tools I know I will need in there and I can just quickly step down for one or two others if I need to. "
    Jason Daly  
    Glass Fibre Double Step Ladder No Of Treads 6 Platform Height 1.6m
      Quality Product !   
      "Quality product and safety compliant with EU standards - just what I needed and the height span is perfect"  
    Heavy Duty Kite Marked Glass Fibre Swingback Step With Aluminium Treads No Of Treads Inc Platform 4 Height 1.02m
      Ladder Is A Good Size!   
      "This ladder was well priced and well worth it for quality standard"  
    Paudie J  
    Abru Fibreglass Platform Stepladder 4-Tread Top Tread Height 0.94m Max Height 2.69m Yellow
      Well Worth The Price!   
      "This Ladder is made from non conductive fibreglass and well worth it.Tool Tray is a  brilliant accessory. Delivery a bonus"

    Tony McDaid  
    Podium Glassfibre 3 Tread Step ladder Height To Platform 0.71M Capacity 136Kg
      Waist High Rail - Brilliant Safety Feature  
      "Great Sized Podium waist high rail is a brilliant safety feature and one the lads love Very robust ladder over all made from fibreglass!"
    Barton Mobile Two Tread Steps on Retractable Castors Double Handrails 1.085m
      Arrived Next Day !   
      "These mobile steps are of great use and thanks huntoffice for having them next day"  
    Cup Step With Slip Resistant Treads No Handrail 2 Tread In gGeen Height 1.185M Capacity 125kg
      Great Addition!   
      "This  mobile step ladder is great addition to the workplace the wheels allow quick movement around the stock room and the wheels retract when steps are stood on. "  
    Bryan Moore  
    Fort Stable Steps 3 Step with Handrail and Wheels Painted Blue Height 1.19m GS3112M
      Happy To Recommend!   
      "These steps have open meshed thread which for our outdoor workers is really a bonus. Happy to recommend"
    Martin Pierce  
    Podium Steps Conforming To Pas 250 Max Height 550Mm Platform Height 500Mm No Of Rungs 1 Capacity 150kg
      Great Delivery!   
      "Extra strong safe  Podium step that folds flat for storage or transporting.With a max height of just 2.5meters it works really well for us "  
    Patrick Barry  
    Barton Mobile Four Tread Steps on Retractable Castors Double Handrails Height 1.725m
      Super Value From Huntoffice!   
      "Mobile Steps With Handrails Four Tread steps is great from huntoffice"