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Welcome to HuntOffice laminators and laminator accessories store. Here you will find laminators manufactured by top class brands such as GBC, Ibico, 3L and more. Laminators can be used for both personal and professional assignments. The range includes various laminating size machines like A4 laminators, A3 laminators and A2 laminators. We also carry a selection of professional roll laminators that are designed to work in heavy use environments. In this section we also offer laminating accessories such as laminating pouches, laminating film rolls and self-laminating pouches.

Laminators Ireland - A buyers guide

Laminating is the process of applying a plastic film on a surface. Applying a plastic film makes the surface more durable. With items such as paper the laminated film is bonded on both sides. As well as protecting, laminating is also used to make items tamper proof such as identity cards. There are two main types of laminating machines, pouch laminating machines and roll laminating machines.

Pouch laminating machines - Perfect Home Laminator

This is a popular type of laminating used in homes and offices. Pouch laminators come in various sizes including A4 laminators, A3 laminators, A2 laminators etc. The inside of the laminating film is heat activated. With laminating pouches the item to be laminated is placed inside the laminating pouch, the pouch is then fed into the laminating machine. The laminating machine contains heated rollers; the rollers are used to feed the pouch through the machine while distributing heat and keeping the film pressed. You can also get cold laminated pouch machines for heat sensitive documents. Cold laminating pouches are activated by pressure instead of heat.

Roll laminator machines

These are often used when laminating larger volumes or large type documents. Roll laminators work in the same way as pouch laminators, again there are two types of laminating rolls, one which is activated by heat and cold laminating rolls which are activated by pressure.

Heat Laminators

With heat laminators there is a range of different temperature settings. With laminating pouches there is also a range of different micron thickness. Using the wrong temperature setting with the wrong micron pouch can cause the laminating pouch to melt or damage the machine so always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using a laminator. With some laminating pouches a carrier is also required to prevent the pouch melting into the machine. A laminating carrier is a cover that goes over the laminating pouch protecting the laminator machine.



Here's what our customers are saying...

GBC HeatSeal Pro 4000LM A2 Laminator
   By far the cheapest!  
  "Fantastic price on this GBC Heatseal Pro 400LM Laminator! I've priced quite a few of this particular model and huntoffice is by far the cheapest!"  
Donal M.  
5 Star Hot or Cold A4 Laminator with ABS Up to 125 microns White
  Good value and is simple to use  
  "This 5 star laminator is perfect for a home office, it is good value and is simple to use."  
5 Star Office Hot and Cold A4 Laminator Up to 2x100 micron Pouches Black
  Would highly recommend  
  "Best laminator ever! Was so cheap, but works perfectly, laminates fast & spotless - no air pockets, sheets don't turn out wavy. Would highly recommend!"  
Linda Collins  
5 Star Office Hot and Cold A4 Laminator Up to 2x100 micron Pouches Black
  Great value!  
  "Great laminator for such a small price. We use it in a Creche to laminate some of the kids' pictures. Great value, arrived on time "  
 Mary Upton   
about 5 Star Office Hot and Cold A4 Laminator Up to 2x100 micron Pouches Black
   Very good value   
  "Very good value and a nice size for any office."  
 Ann Simpson   
about GBC Inspire A4 Laminator up to 150 microns Black ID-A4
   It is very simple to use.   
  "I bought this little inspire a4 laminator for school signage. It is very simple to use and heats up in much quicker time (for the money!) than i thought. It will also laminate id pouches all the way up to A4 size."  
 Aidan Willis   
 GBC Inspire A4 Laminator up to 150 microns Black ID-A4
  "I can't fault the GBC Inspire A4 laminator with regards to value for money. Super easy to use with a single heat setting. Works perfectly with occasional use in my office. Perfect entry level laminator"  
 Karen Arden   
about GBC Inspire A4 Laminator up to 150 microns Black ID-A4
   Fantastic value for money   
  "I print a lot of pictures of my family and I thought it would be nice to laminate some of them for myself and to give as gifts to other members of my family. I didn't want too much of a high tech laminator nor did I want to spend a lot of money on one as I'd really only be using it occasionally. The GBC Inspire A4 laminator is fantastic value for money. It's really easy to use, simply switch it on and wait for it to heat up. Once you've inserted the document into the laminating pouch you can then feed it into the laminator. It's as simple as that. Definitely a good first laminator for anyone who wants to do their own laminating at home."  
about GBC Inspire A4 Laminator up to 150 microns Black ID-A4
   The customer service is great !  
  "The Inspire A4 GBC Laminator is perfect for general use and easy to work. It is light weight and ideal for photos, A4 paper and ID cards. It is well worth the money it does the job you can't go too far wrong great value for the money. It is very easy to use, it has a single heat setting and a single switch operation. It's great to protect douuments and important papers. It has a quality finish and a modern design. It was delivered in no time and the customer service is great they are very helpful when you need paper and other bits."