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Welcome to the Huntoffice laptop backpack online store. We have a great choice of laptop backpacks that provide the best security for your Laptop, notebooke and other equipment. All Laptop Backbacks that are available here come in different styles, sizes and materials. We supply Laptop backpacks in classic designs as well as more stylish and fancy ones. Have a browse through this section we have something to suit everyone.


Laptop Backpacks are a comfortable way to carry your laptop as well as your other mobile gear. They're great for travelers, students, and city dwellers who need to maneuver easily. The shoulder straps distribute the weight evenly and keep your hands free. Look for padded, adjustable straps, and a padded section or removable sleeve for your laptop.


Here's what our customers are saying...

Nylon Laptop Backpack Grey Detachable 17" Laptop Backpack
   worth the money   
  "Love that this bag has a detachable laptop bag. It just makes the bag more versatile and worth the money. It's useful for short term travel and fits into the bagagge size allowance compartment!"  
 Black Laptop Backpack with Detachable 17" Laptop Sleeve Lightpak Advantage
   Good value for money   
  "I ma more than happy with this Lightpak advantage backpack. It really is a multifunction solution and dead handy for the commute to work. Best feature for me is the detatachable sleeve for the laptop. If I'm traveling and don't need to carry the entire backpack, the sleeve makes it easy to travel light. The backpack is sturdy nylon, and very spacious. I get whatever book I'm reading at the time in there along with my lunch, and of course the files from work. Its also very comfortable on my back. Good value for money..."  
 Luke Geraghty   
about Targus 15.4 - 16" / 39.1 - 40.6cm Classic Backpack - Notebook carrying backpack - 16" - black
   high quality   
  "Targus notebook classic backpack is a very good product if you want to keep your laptop with your documents safe. This backpack has adjustable fasteners, so you can be comfortable while having your laptop on your back. This backpack is also high quality as it's madede out of a strong material and it fits big screens."  

 Myles Grizzell   
about Targus Essential 15.4 - 16 inch / 39.1 - 40.6cm Laptop Backpack - Notebook carrying backpack - 16" - grey, black
   excellent product   
  "This Targus essential notebook backpack is an excellent product suitable for carrying your laptop I like the way this product has a lifetime warranty."  
 Marguerite Ikerd   
about Targus Terra 15 - 16 inch / 40.6cm Backpack - Notebook carrying backpack - 16" - black
   highly recommended   
  "I bought this targus student backpack for my son as he is attending college I wanted him to have an extra place where he can store his laptop safely and this Targus backpack does it perfectly. I would not recommend any other backpack than this one. Very good and high quality bag highly recommended."  
about Targus Strata Backpack - Notebook carrying backpack - 15.6" - grey
   thank you hunt office    
"I bought this Targus strata laptop backpack for comfort and for carrying my laptop. I like this product as its comfortable and stylish. The bag is very safe, it's weather resistant and it's design for standing as well. I'm so happy with what I bought thank you hunt office."
 Yong Hering   
about Targus CityGear 17.3" Laptop Backpack - Notebook carrying backpack - 17.3" - black
   very portable and fits   
  "I bought this Targus city gear because I travel a lot and this bag helped me a lot its very portable and fits a lot of things inside. Excellent and highly recommended product."  
 Annabelle Dodgen   
about Monolith Forward Executive Laptop Backpack Black
   I recommend this   
  "This Monolith Forward Executive laptop backpack black is a great product with a stylish look that is very useful for your laptop folder or notes. I recommend this product to anyone that travels and has to have everything in one place."  
 Loree Steinberger   
about Gino Ferrari Juno 16" Laptop Backpack Blac
   more than happy    
  "I wanted a bag that would be comfortable with earphone port and I finally got it. This product is excellent it meets all the requirements that a bag should have. I'm more than happy with this product."