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Here's what our customers are saying...

about Kensington SP10 15.6" Classic Sleeve - Notebook carrying case - 15.6" - black
   Great !  
  "Thanks to huntoffice.ie and kensington, we have a safe place to store and carry out notebook and laptop. I am going to buy another one for my sister. nice finish and pockets on inside are great. The padded shoulder strap sits nice on me..."  
about  Kensington SP10 15.6" Classic Sleeve - Notebook carrying case - 15.6" - black
   Great price and service.   
  "Thanks to huntoffice.ie, where I buy my office supplies from, this Kensington SP10 15.6" laptop sleeve is naking life easier for me carrying my laptop. It is comfortable, safe and the strap is strong. Great price and service"  
 Noreen in Dublin   
 Kensington SP17 17" Classic Sleeve - Notebook carrying case - 17" - blac
   I love this!   
  "I love this kensington 17" laptop sleeve case. It is padded, comfortable and has plenty pockets for storage. It is functional and a nice protection for my laptop..."  

about Falcon 16" Neoprene Laptop Sleeve Black
   Great for travelling.   
  "This laptop case is great for travelling. It keeps your laptop and other stationery etc safe and is very light too and has a comfortable strap so its easy to carry around with you even for long periods of time"  
 Belkin B2B064-C00 13" Laptop Chromebook Sleeve - black fleece, neopro laptop bag - zippered, secure closure, tear-resistant - designed for simplicity, comfort and style
   Another great thing.    
  "I needed a sleeve for my Macbook, I was using a laptop bag but it was just way too large. Also I find it impossible to get a nice feminine laptop bag. I had been looking for a regular looking bag with padding on the inside but the bags were just too big or they were very masculine. So with this sleeve I was able to go and purchase a nice handbag and I use the sleeve to protect my Macbook inside my handbag. The handle on the sleeve is so handy because when I'm at work I can just put the macbook into the sleeve and easily carry it around with me. There is also a front pocket that fits my charger and mouse. Luckily the front pocket is stretchy as the macbook chargers are really clunky. Another great thing about this sleeve is that the opening is at the short side and a couple of times I've forgotten to close the zip and the laptop hasn't fallen out."