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Legal Stationery supplies include all the materials that are essential for day to day running of solicitors, barristers and any other offices handling with legal documents. 

One of the most popular legal stationery products are legal tapes which allow binding legal documents, reports, letters and any other legal paper documents. The tapes are available in various widths and lengths; they are made of strong durable silk that guarantees security for all documents. Such tapes can be used with wax seals on documents, certificates and degrees. Legal tapes come in two forms: flat braids which usually hold 50m of tape which is ideal for low volume binding and reels which can contain up to 500m of legal tape and make it perfect for high volume binding. 

For securing bulky legal documents deed straps are used – they are made of heavy duty material which can withstand significant weight of bundle of paper documents and keeps them together securely. 

Among our legal stationery supplies we also offer a range of counsels notebooks made of lightweight high quality paper which are especially designed for daily legal works. At we deliver to all counties in Ireland, including to Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Galway.