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In our listing paper section at Hunt Office Ireland, you can find a wide range of continuous feed dot matrix printer paper. Listing paper, sometimes known as computer, invoice, tractor feed or pin feed paper, is a single continuous sheet of paper, bordered on the right and left sides by paper strips with a series of holes. These holes are used to guide the paper through the printer by aligning pages with two feed belts found in the unit.

As listing paper is often used for invoicing purposes, sometimes it comes in multiple part sheets (sometimes every sheet is colour coded differently) ranging from 1 part (thick) up to 4 parts (where all 4 sheets go through the printer at the same time and have the same print).

1-Ply Listing Paper is used where just single copy of the same print is needed;
2 Part Listing Paper is for when a user needs one copy sheet. This copy sheet often comes in a different colour.
3-Ply Listing Paper is used when the original and two copies of the sheet are needed (e.g. order delivery invoice copy for distributor, currier and receiver is needed).
4 Part Listing Paper is for when a user needs three copy sheets. All the copy sheets often come in a different colours – e.g. one white, one pink, one green and one yellow.

Computer listing paper can have a plain or ruled finish. Ruled dot matrix printer paper is sometimes called "music lines" or "music ruled" and can make the information easier to read; the lines alternate between light green and white.

How to choose the right size of computer listing paper?

Continuous listing paper is measured by the length of the sheet (measurement from top to bottom of the page in inches). There are three standard dot matrix printer paper sizes available: 11in, 11 2/3 in and 12in listing paper. There is also a variety of computer listing paper width available to choose from. The standard listing paper widths (including margins) are:
• 216mm
• 235mm (A4 format)
• 241mm
• 368mm
• 389mm
As mentioned above, dot matrix printer paper has sprocket margins, designed for feed belt mechanism in dot matrix printers. The other purpose of listing paper margins is to hold multiple layers of the listing paper together. These margins are usually standard perforated or micro-perforated for easier removal.

All listing paper is usually described as NCR (carbonless) - a multiple-part paper form that does not use carbon paper sheets in between the copies. The ink is adhered to the reverse side of the previous sheet.

Hunt Office Ireland supplies computer listing paper throughout Ireland, including to Dublin, Limerick, Cork and Galway.


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User Icon Marie Green   
1 Part Listing Paper Ruled 60gsm 2000 Sheets 5 Star
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  "We purchased this Computer Listing Paper as we print endless reports. We had no problems and the quality is very good. Does the job perfectly and at a great price too!"  
User Icon Darren O Carroll  
3 Part Carbonless Listing Paper Plain 60gsm 700 Sheets 5 Star
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  "Listing paper which is cheap and of good quality what more can you ask for from Listing paper?"  
User Icon Sally Hogan  
1 Part Listing Paper 368mm Plain 60gsm 2000 Sheets 5 Star
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  "Good quality 1-Part Computer Listing Paper. this 5 Star listing paper is 60 gms and the box is 2000 Sheets all this a very affordable prices."  
User Icon Mc Gane Foods  
1 Part Listing Paper Ruled 60gsm 2000 Sheets 5 Star
 Star Rating Everything We Needed!   
  "We were buying a dearer branded name listing paper because we thought there was no other brand as good but our friend said to try the 5 star brand listing paper. They buy it from huntoffice and we purchased it online as well. It works great for us, 1 part, 2 part they have all the variations we need."  
User Icon Agnes O'Leary  
1 Part Listing Paper Plain 70gsm 2000 Sheets 5 Star
 Star Rating Great Listing Paper   
  "The quality of the 5 Star Computer Listing Paper 12inchx235mm 1-Part 70gsm 2000 Sheets from Huntoffice is one of the best that I have used. I will be adding this to my favourites list. Service is fantastic and the quality of the products is brilliant. Thanks."