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Here's what our customers are saying...

Versapak Numbered Security Seals for Versapak Mailing Pouches Ref WSEALNO [Pack 500]
  Versapak Secutiry Seals   
  "These security seals are a fantastic way to add extra security to the cash drops where I work. We are only allowed to carry a certain amount of cash in the tills so we have to drop quite frequently, we are usually quite busy and have a lot of seasonal & part time staff who might not know all the procedures so its really important for there to be multiple levels of security. We take record of the number on the seal at the till when cash is removed and then again at the drop safe so the whole thing is transparent. These security seals are great."  
Deirdre Folan  
Jiffy Airkraft Size 5 Bubble Lined Postal Bags 260x345mm White Pack of 10
  Brilliant Jiffy Airkraft Size 5 Envelopes   
  "After buying the Jiffy Airkraft postal bags I have found out that they are really strong and safe to put personal contents into so I am rest assured that my items will stay in the postal bag. Great price for a pack of 10. Thanks."  
Gordan Morgan  
Versapak Medium Cash Bag Tamper-Evident Zip Heavyweight Material Blue
  Secure Mailing Pouches  
  "I manage a large clothing store and we use these cash bags at the end of the day when cashing up. Extremely heavyweight and secure material with zip that ensures the safe transfer of cash to the cash office."  


Yvonne, Limerick  
GoSecure Extra Strong C4 Clear Polythene Protective Envelopes Pack of 100
  Great Quality Polythene Envelopes   
  "I used these C4 wallet envelopes by post safe to send files to my colleague who was working in Dublin, they were very useful and held all of the files i needed to send!"  


Tom Naughton  
Tenzalope A5 Packing List Envelopes Plain 225 x 168mm A51 Pack 1000
  Fantastic Value Tenzalpe Envelopes!   
  "These self sealing packing list envelopes keeps all the documents protected inside the pocket, the clear plastic front makes it visible. These pouches come in A6 and A7 size too. Great quality."