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Enhance Privacy with a Sound Proof Booth

Create a quiet, private space within your office environment with a sound proof booth from Hunt Office. These booths are perfect for phone calls, focused work, or confidential meetings, offering exceptional sound insulation to minimize distractions. Designed with high-quality materials, our sound proof booths ensure that noise is effectively contained, providing a serene and productive workspace.

Discover the Benefits of a Soundproof Pod

Optimize your office layout with a soundproof pod. These versatile pods provide a dedicated area for employees to concentrate or collaborate without the disruption of a noisy office. Our soundproof pods come in various sizes and configurations to fit any office space, making them ideal for solo work, team meetings, or brainstorming sessions. Experience the enhanced focus and productivity that a soundproof pod can bring to your office.

Maximize Productivity with Acoustic Office Pods

Transform your open-plan office with acoustic office pods. These innovative pods are designed to reduce noise levels and create a more harmonious working environment. Ideal for meetings, private discussions, or quiet work, acoustic office pods offer a stylish and functional solution for modern workplaces. Explore our range of acoustic office pods to find the perfect addition to your office that enhances both aesthetics and functionality.

Here's what our customers are saying...

  Louise D   about
 Framery 2Q Standard Acoustic Booth   Great servive!   "We are really happy with the service and products offered from HuntOffice, from start to finish they were very accommodating in helping us to choose the perfect acoustic booth the Framery 2Q. Our acoustic booth was installed by the team very quickly and we were able to use it for our meetings that afternoon. "        
Framery O Quick Call Phone Acoustic Booth
  Fantastic Quality!
  "Lovely addition to any office space, provides a private area for calls or to work with no noise disruption from the outside office! "  
Framery O Standard Acoustic Booth
  The Acoustics are Great, so Handy for Having a Private Calls!
  "We absolutely love our new phone booth. The acoustics are great, so handy for having a private call, you dont hear any disruption from the outside. The installation team had our booth installed in no time with no disruption to our staff "  
Framery O Video Conference Ready Acoustic Booth
  This Soundproofing of this Booth is Fantastic!
  "We love our new acoustic booth. It was installed very quickly by the very professional huntoffice team. This soundproofing of this booth is fantastic and you really have no disruption from the outside office. "