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Open plan offices have become very popular and are gradually replacing closed office areas. Open plan office layouts have many benefits, including better collaboration and communication between office employees therefore increasing the overall effciency of the workplace. However, for all the advantages of the open office space the level of noise can be a drawback and reduce the ability to concentrate by creating unnecessary distractions. Office acoustics are now recognised as having a major influence on employee productivity that result in the need for companies to look for a flexible and easily manageable way of creating private meeting and breakout spaces.

Acoustic Pods

These are free standing acoustic screens that create a secluded space for privacy meetings and soundproof distraction-free zones. Acoustic pods are ideal for meetings and private working areas and are becoming more and more popular in the open plan office environment for creating functional, isolated and quiet working spaces. Acoustic screen pods are designed as freestanding furniture rather than complex permanent partitions, creating acoustic meeting areas or breakout areas within an existing environment without any major impact on the surroundings.  Acoustic pods also reduce and in many cases eliminate planning regulations. These privacy meeting booths have many benefits such as:


Easy to Install & Re-Locate

Acoustic office pods are a great alternative to permanent meeting areas and can easily facilitate employees with a flexible and easy to set up solution. As freestanding furniture meeting pods are easy to install. These sound absorbing pods are designed as demountable systems and can be easily reconfigured, moved around and transferred to the different office premises if needed.

meeting pods installation

Variety of Uses

Privacy pods have a wide variety of functions, as they can be used as:
• Meeting rooms
• Isolated working area
• Video conferencing or presentation area
• A breakout, canteen area
• To eliminate noise and visual distractions
• A phone booth
• Training rooms, for exhibitions, showrooms, receptions
• Non-office use includes privacy soft seating areas in restaurants, nightclubs, student libraries and more

meeting pods used for

Variety of Configurations
The acoustic work pods are usually designed as modular systems, allowing the user to freely construct and adjust a wide variety of acoustic area configurations to suit any needs and requirements.

meeting pods configurations

Selection of Shapes, Acoustic Materials and Colours
These acoustically screened meeting areas are available in a wide variety of shapes: Rectangular, Round, Semi Circular, octagonal, U-Shaped, hexagonal and bespoke! The screen meeting pods also feature various acoustic materials (opaque or transparent finish): upholstered privacy booths, glazed, tiled sound proof hubs. The soundproof pods can be custom made to suit or update any office interior.


meeting pods various shapes

Various Sizes and Seating Capacity
Our private office meeting pods feature various seating capacities ranging from single person acoustic cubicles, two-seater acoustic booths to our most popular four seater and six seater pods. We also supply higher seating capacity meeting hubs that are ideal for large team meetings. The freestanding meeting pods come in various heights: low height breakout areas (providing visual and acoustic isolation), medium height privacy booths (providing visual and acoustic isolation), full height meeting pods and freestanding soundproof partitions ( for additional visual and acoustic privacy).

meeting pods size and seating capacity

Integrated Extras
Acoustic work pods often come with integrated soft seating, bench seating, tables, lighting, power and data modules, cable management systems, presentation equipment - speakers, monitors and whiteboards.

meeting pods with integrated extras

Optimise sound absorption and noise control with these modern and practical & freestanding office pods, privacy booths and acoustic hubs. We stock a variety of ranges including Huddle Cave, Hive, Eden, Bill, Ben, Stella & Tryst. These ranges include not only these innovative acoustic offices, but also a wide selection of matching soft seating.

Here's what our customers are saying...

Louise D  
 Framery 2Q Standard Acoustic Booth
  Great servive!
  "We are really happy with the service and products offered from HuntOffice, from start to finish they were very accommodating in helping us to choose the perfect acoustic booth the Framery 2Q. Our acoustic booth was installed by the team very quickly and we were able to use it for our meetings that afternoon. "  
Framery O Quick Call Phone Acoustic Booth
  Fantastic Quality!
  "Lovely addition to any office space, provides a private area for calls or to work with no noise disruption from the outside office! "  
Framery O Standard Acoustic Booth
  The Acoustics are Great, so Handy for Having a Private Calls!
  "We absolutely love our new phone booth. The acoustics are great, so handy for having a private call, you dont hear any disruption from the outside. The installation team had our booth installed in no time with no disruption to our staff "  
Framery O Video Conference Ready Acoustic Booth
  This Soundproofing of this Booth is Fantastic!
  "We love our new acoustic booth. It was installed very quickly by the very professional huntoffice team. This soundproofing of this booth is fantastic and you really have no disruption from the outside office. "