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Mezzanine floors – an intermediate floor system between main floors of a building.
Mezzanine flooring is an ideal cost-effective solution for creating of extra floor space within existing and new-build businesses as well as industrial premises. These conventional semi-permanent floor systems maximise floor plan square footage by transforming unused overhead areas into additional work/storage space.
Space saving Mezzanine floor systems can be erected in single or multi-tiers. Mezzanine floors can be erected to different floor heights and can be installed in almost any situation with minimal disruption to a functioning working environment. Bespoke Mezzanine Floors are designed with the customer’s needs in mind and can be combined with the full range of accessories such as safety barriers, access equipment, fire protection systems to meet various functional and safety demands.
Mezzanine floors are the cheapest and most flexible option for transforming wasted over-head areas to extra floor space. Allowing business to expand within its existing premises is what makes this flooring solution very popular in retail, warehouse, distribution, commercial, production and storage facilities.
Mezzanine floor systems are often installed in warehouses, production and storage facilities and distribution buildings, offering additional work or storage space and allowing the cubic volume of the building to be fully utilised. To meet functional needs and requirements of certain infrastructures, these overhead floors are often combined with various accessories, like railings, stairs, pallet gates, elevators, loading plates, forklift impact column guards and fire protection. Mezzanine floor systems can be installed in single, double and multi-tier levels with various decking options – steel grid, open grid, chipboard decking.
These industrial floors are also the perfect solution for incorporating offices and other commercial premises into warehouse or factory buildings.
Mezzanine Floors can be installed in retail environments to increase sales floor area or to create additional storage or office space. There is a wide range of Mezzanine flooring design solutions available to aid the aesthetics of a sales floor or to suit prestige office environments.
Allow your existing building to be fully utilised and adapted to meet your functional demands and requirements with Mezzanine floors.
Call us today and Hunt Office Interiors team will find the most efficient and cost effective Mezzanine Floor System design solution for your business.