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Here's what our customers are saying...

Mop Bucket Mobile Colour-coded with Handle 4 Castors 20 Litre Blue SPC/MB20B
  Best Mop Bucket!  
  "When you wash as many square foot of floors as I do everyday you need a mobile mop bucket and bentley is the rolly royce of mop buckets! :-)"
Fran Owens  
Blue Mobile Mop Bucket and Wringer 20 Litre 101248BL
  Necessity !  
  "An absolute necessity for any home or business, although this one is a bit big for a standard home. I use this exact mopping bucket to clean my café in the evenings and it is great because it can fit a lot of water in it which allows me to keep cleaning without having to worry about whether or not the water is too dirty to keep cleaning or whether or not I need more. Also, the handle is a huge help! I often found that I was using the mop handle to steer the mop bucket around and that sometimes caused some unnecessary splashing of the water, and the handle eliminates that entirely!"  
Brendan Connors  
Ultra-Speed 25 Litre Chassis Starter Kit
  Great Kit !  
  "Very good to kit to use on hardwood or tiled floors. I find that the flat head of the mop is much easier to control than the more standard shape mop, it is easier to clean the floor with it. The floor does dry quickly after using this mop and kit, and I would definitely recommend it."