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Need to get a mouse mat? Why not get it online from We offer a wide selection of various styles and types of mouse mats. Even though most of computer mouse are able to work on most of surfaces it is hard to achieve the same precision without using a mouse mat. This is especially important for anyone whose work involves using a mouse throughout the day. We offer basic rubber mouse mats covered with polyester, durable plastic mouse mats that improve tracking for every type of mice and mats with integrated wrist pads to provide better comfort at work. Our assortment includes mouse mats from Fellowes, 3M, Kensington and Compucessory.

Here's what our customers are saying...

 Bart T.   
about Mouse Pad Blue 5 Star Office
   Excellent mouse   
  "Excellent mouse mat no logos or designs just a plain blue mouse mat."  
about Mouse Pad Blue 5 Star Office
   Great value   
  "Great value mouse mat from 5 star works perfectly with my optical mouse no problems which I'm delighted with for the price :)"  
 Emma Kettering 28th Jan 17   
about Mouse Pad Blue 5 Star Office
  "I bought a mouse pad last year and it was one of these inexpensive mouse pads in blue. My daughter needed one for school and I ordered another of these mouse pads from huntoffice for her too. It it"  

 Gary Click   
about Mouse Pad Blue 5 Star Office
   You won't regret it   
  "I bought this mouse pad and must say the ease of it and the increased sensitivity in the mouse itself is very good. For too long I would have to life up the mouse and shake it violently to get it to move on screen. Do yourself a favor and just go out and buy a mouse pad. You won't regret it."  
 Emma, Meath. 23rd January 2017   
Mouse Pad Blue 5 Star Office
  "One of our engineers put a request in for a gel mouse mat, costing over fifty euro. I was laughing because the rest of us use these cheap mouse mats. I told him that these mouse mats for three euro would do him fine and if he wanted to go to that expense, he would have to spend his own money. And you will never guess, he took this mouse mat and I have not heard from him since. Personally, these inexpensive mouse mats are as good as any you will get."  
about Mouse Pad Blue 5 Star Office
   really good   
  "The Mouse Pad Blue 5 Star Office we bought online from huntoffice is quality, price is really good and we had it next day along with our other office stationary"  
about Mouse Pad Blue 5 Star Office
   great mouse pad   
  "These mouse pads are a great addition to any stationary press. We always have a pack or two in our stationary press. These mouse pads have a really smooth surface and have a rubber sponge backing. If you are like me you still use a mouse and hate the computer touch pad, then these mouse pads are the business. The material on the smooth surface allows easy movement across the pad and because the base is made of rubber it never slips. So, for a great price you can have a great mouse pad."  
 Elaine Preston, Dublin   
about Fellowes Mousepad Blue
  "Delighted to see my Blue Fellowes Mousepad being used as a 'frizbie' when I get back to the classroom, thankfully no injuries and the Mousepad survived as well :D"  
 Wilson Harvy   
about Fellowes Mousepad Blue
  "Nice slick pad for my computer mouse. What can I say expect that the pad works good, it hasn't succumb to wear and tear in the short weeks I have had it and the mouse works better on screen now that I got a mouse pad."  
 Gerald Richards   
about Fellowes Mousepad Blue
   Thanks Huntoffice   
  "This Fellowes Blue Mouse pad makes manoeuvring the mouse around the screen very easy and the mouse is made from very smooth material. Very impressed with my order overall. Thanks Huntoffice."