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  • Nescafe & Go Tetley Tea Foil-sealed Cup for Drinks Machine Ref 12154583 [Pack 16]
  • Nescafe & Go Tetley Tea Foil-sealed Cup for Drinks Machine Ref 12154583 [Pack 16] Additional Image 1
  • Nescafe & Go Tetley Tea Foil-sealed Cup for Drinks Machine Ref 12154583 [Pack 16] Additional Image 2

Nescafe & Go Tetley Tea Foil-sealed Cup for Drinks Machine Ref 12154583 [Pack 16]

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• Refill for Nescafé & Go: a simple, easy to install drinks dispensing system
• Single use cups filled with individual servings of Tetley tea
• Customers simply choose their cup, add hot water and stir
• Refreshing, robust blended tea
• A warm and comforting drink
• Great for service stations and reception areas
• Supplied in a pack of 16 cups and lids
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0.02 kg
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90x90x111 mm
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Pack of 16
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Original Blend

Product Details

- Nescafe & Go Tetley Tea Foil-sealed Cup for Drinks Machine Ref 12154583 [Pack 16]

Time to top up your tea supplies? Tetley expertly blended everyday tea is perfect for your tea break no matter where at home or at the office. Nestle has included Tetley Tea into its Nescafé & Go range of easy serve hot beverages: Tetley unique easy squeeze design tea bags are foil-sealed for freshness and hygiene in the bottom of disposable paper cups. Tetley teas come from as many as 35 different countries and Tetley selects only the finest tea leaves to produce exceptional quality blends. Tetley is a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) and  has committed to sourcing 100% of its tea from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms ensuring that tea improves the lives of the people who grow and pick it just as much as the people who drink it by respecting the environment and protecting the livelihoods of tea growers and pickers.

Tetley high quality fine black tea with a distinctive aromatic flavour comes in a pack of 16 disposable paper cups. Tetley drawstring easy squeeze tea bag is foil-sealed in the bottom of each cup. Each cup serving size is 12oz (340ml).

rainforest alliance certified logo   Tea Type - Black Tea
Tetley Black Tea - signature product, a deep amber color and delicious tea flavor is delivered in this classic blend of black teas. 100% Natural Tetley tea leaves are simply picked, cut and dried – nothing is added! Expertly blended to the Tetley recipe to the right colour, taste, brightness and full body.
tetley tea on the go   Tea On-The-Go
The Nescafé & Go  range of drinks are quick and easy to serve and includes brands which people trust to deliver a great fresh tasting quality drink time after time. The ingredients preportioned to make a perfect cup of tea (drawstring tea bag) are held securely underneath a foil seal - just pull the foil - add hot water - add a lid* if required and away you go. Nestle has included Tetley Tea into its Nescafé & Go range.

*lid is not included

Tetley drawstring tea bag   Easy Squeeze Drawstring Tea Bags
Tetley's easy squeeze tea bags make it easy to get every drop of tea out of every bag. Just extend the double tag away from the bag and steep as usual. After brewing, separate and pull the tabs apart to squeeze out all of that great tea taste. Extract the flavour without the mess!

2-3 min tea preparation time   Recommended Tea Brewing time: 2-3 min*.
The recommended Tetley Everyday Black Tea brewing time is 2-3 min. Remove the seal from your cup, pour some hot boiled water to it, allow tea to steep for 2 to 3 minutes, remove your tea bag and enjoy. Can be served black, with or without sugar and(or) milk.

*recommended brewing time by Tetley

100 tea bags pack   Pack Size - 16 Disposable Cups (Foil-Sealed Tea Bags In Each)
Nescafé & Go Tetley Tea comes in a pack of 16 cups. Each cup has the Tetley easy squeeze tea bag foil-sealed in the bottom of it.

*lids not included

ethical tea partnership logo   ETP Certified Tea
When you buy Tetley Tea, you can feel good knowing that every cup you enjoy was produced in a socially responsible way.The Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) is a non-commercial alliance of 18 international tea packers working together to promote social responsibility in the world tea trade and assure the ethical sourcing of tea. The ETP monitors the living and working conditions on tea estates and works with estate owners to see that appropriate improvements are made.
rainforest alliance certified logo   Rainforest Alliance Certified Tea
The Rainforest Alliance works to conserve biodiversity and improve livelihoods by promoting and evaluating the implementation of the most globally respected sustainability standards in a variety of fields. RA verification, validation and certification services are  based on the standards, which are designed to generate ecological, social and economic benefits.
Tetley Tea Logos   Tetley Tea Brand
“Make time, make Tetley”. Tetley is a British beverage manufacturer, is the world's second largest manufacturer and distributor of tea. Tetley's manufacturing and distribution business is spread across 40 countries and sells over 60 branded tea bags.

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Mar 1, 2013
I adore my tea and we recently got the nescafe and go machine into the canteen. No one thought about getting tea for it, so I went online and put these tetley tea foil-sealed cups for the nescafe and go machine. Hunt office delivered next day and now my teltey tea goes on every order we send to hunts.
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Nescafe & Go Tetley Tea Foil-sealed Cup for Drinks Machine Ref 12154583 [Pack 16]

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