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Welcome to the office desks section of the HuntOffice Ireland website. Here you will find a wide range of desks in various shapes, sizes and colours. Most models of desks on our website are available in at least 3 colours and lengths, allowing them to adjust to any space or interior.

At HuntOffice Ireland, we offer desk finish options including laminated tops which provide great protection against scratches, stains and extend the lifespan of the desk, as well as real wood veneer finishes for that stylish, executive finish.

Office Desks Ireland - What our range of office desks are made from

  • MDF - Medium density fibreboard (MDF) is a type of hardboard made from wood fibres glued under heat and pressure. This is one of the most popular materials used to manufacture office desks. MDF offers great strength due to its high density, meaning MDF can remain strong in nonideal circumstances like high humidity and moisture.
  • MFC - Melamine faced chipboard (MFC) office desks can be produced in several different levels of thickness, but typically the industry standard is 25mm thick. The quality of the chipboard depends on the density of the board. Because it is one of the most durable types of wood available, we have made the majority of our office desks and tables from MFC.
  • Wood Veneer - - this means that office desks are finished with actual real wood layers. These layers look fantastic and show off the natural fibres and grains in the wood. However, keep in mind that veneer office desks need to be looked after more than your MDF or MFC.

Wood finished office desks are a lot more susceptible to heat and scratch damage and sunlight can affect their colour over time. Veneer office desks are fantastic for executive offices or boardrooms, where you want to really impress a customer or client, as they look and often are a lot more expensive than the MFC or MDF versions. Wood veneer desks usually come in darker colours like walnut and dark oak.

Computer Desk Ireland - Things to consider

  • Size – Always ensure that you are choosing the dimensions of the desk considering the available space and the type of work it is going to be used for. Remember about all the equipment and accessories that you need to keep on the desk so that you know the minimum amount of space you require. For example, if you’re looking to buy a desk for a home office, it might be worth measuring your office space, so you know how the desk will fit.
  • Shape – Wave desks and L-shaped corner desks deliver large desk top surfaces, while not taking up too much floor space. Such designs allow the option to fit a desk pedestal for some extra storage. These types of office desks come in right and left hand options to meet the user's specific needs.

Straight desks are becoming more and more popular now because of the decrease in size of desktop monitors and the increasing use of laptops and tablets. Our full range of desk shapes includes rectangular, U-shaped desks, kidney shaped, square, round, curved, bow fronted, axe and more!

Most desks can be extended by adding another section to either side or by adding some desk high storage which gives you more desktop space and the added benefit of some drawer space underneath. On top of this we also offer a complete bespoke desk making facility where we can literally make any shape, colour and design that you require.

Height adjustable desks

Sometimes special height adjustability is required when sourcing a desk. We have a number of options in our range of height adjustable desks for users with reduced mobility, back problems or simply very tall. Having a height-adjustable desk can help with keeping good posture and overall comfort, we offer these desks from top brands like LEAP.

Office Desks Ireland - Styles

Office desks come in a variety of different styles to suit all tastes. The most basic and often cheapest or best value styles are the entry level wooden panel legs and tops or the metal cantilever leg options. These are perfect for a budget office fitout, home office or temporary office setup and we have them in abundance with a 10 year warranty, in a variety of colours. For a more mid-level desk style, have a look at our cable managed leg options. These cable managed desks are suited best for a user with a need for a lot of cables and equipment connecting to the desk. The cable management keeps the cables very tidy and hidden away so that your desk always looks clean and clutter free. Another style option and the latest trend would be our bench desking. Bench desking provides a large area of workspace with a continuous, uninterrupted surface area. Bench desks are best suited and a great idea for call centres and customer service areas where you need flexibility built in for larger teams that need to work together. We also offer a full range of veneer desks for manager or executive offices.

Computer Desks - Cable Management

It is important to make sure you have a proper solution for cables that have to be connected to devices on your desk. Having poor cable management can make your home work space look messy and unprofessional. That’s why we offer a variety of cable management systems available from basic leg cable management to full desk cable management, where you can slide or flip the top of the desk to access cables more easily.

Desks Ireland - Colours

We offer a large range of colour options on our office desks, depending on the range you choose. Here are some of the colours available: white, beech, oak, cherry, grey, light oak, modern oak, Japanese ash, silver, apple, walnut, maple, polar birch.

At Hunt Office, we also offer complementary colour finishes on associated storage cabinets to really liven up your office. Colours include aubergine and apple for the wooden structure. Additionally, some of our wooden storage units can be finished in a coloured fabric top, colour options include red, aubergine, avocado green, blue, grey and black. You can add even more colour to your office by choosing bright colours for your office desk screens, partitions and chairs.

Office desk - Our Selection of Office and Computer Desks

Rectangular Straight Office Desks

These are the most popular office desks among businesses and offices as they are extremely versatile; rectangular shape of these desks makes them suitable for any type of interior and the basic design offers linking multiple office desks with each other. Such desks are available in a great choice of sizes and colours. You can also choose desks with fitted drawers and pedestals, or you can expand the storage space by getting a mobile pedestal. We offer lots of rectangular straight office desks, so you can find the perfect one for your needs.

Wave Office Desks

The irregular shape of the top in such office desks provides the user with more workspace and support as one side of the desk is wider than the other one and is directed towards the user. If you consider getting this type of office desk you should choose the right orientation of the desk based on if the user is right or left handed. We offer a range of both right and left handed wave office desks.

Executive Office Desks

These top of the range desks come in stylish designs which look stunning in any type of executive areas. These desks are made of the highest quality materials which apart from creating a great look, provide long lasting durability. Executive office desks can be great for giving your office that luxury feel.

L-Shaped Radial Office Desks

The ergonomic & space saving shape of these office desks allows for maximised comfort & versatility of use. These left-hand & right-hand radial office desks are a practical way of making the most of your office space. Designed to slot into the corner of your office or joined to cluster workstations they maximise working area with a sizeable table top, whilst limiting floor space wastage. These space efficient desks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can find one that fits perfectly for your requirements. We also offer both right and left handed L-shaped Radial Office desks.

Height Adjustable Office Desks

These office desks with desktop height adjustability option are extremely popular in modern times, especially for the at-home workers. Massive felxibility with regards to your office desk height, these desks are perfect for people aware of their posture and seating. Height-adjustable desks allow you to change your posture freely; this can help prevent future aches and pains. Better yet, we have electric adjustable desks that can alter with just the click of a button. Broswe our range of height adjustable office desks today. 


Here's what our customers are saying...

Niamh Caroll  
Office Desk Radial Left Hand Silver Legs W1600xD1200xH725mm White Ashford
  Great Quality!  
  "This office desk radial left hand silver legs is a very big desk which can store a lot of documents on it, the cable management hole makes life easier because the cables are in one palce. The cable management hole also makes the desk look nice and neat."  
Brendan Shine  
Ashford 1600mm Left Hand Radial Office Desk Metal Leg With FREE Desk High Pedestal BEECH
  Good Quality!  
  "Thanks the left hand and right hand desks look great back to back."  
jennifer cork  
Ashford 1600mm Right Hand Radial Office Desk Metal Leg With FREE Desk High Pedestal BEECH
  Great Quality!  
  "great quality right handed table it is major handy for someone who writes on there right hand ,it was thoughtful and a smarty idea and it has great quality and the price is very good for it and i will be buying another one again later thanks"  
Ashford 1600mm Right Hand Radial Office Desk Metal Leg With FREE Desk High Pedestal BEECH
   Speedy Delivery and Great Product!  
  "I have to say I am really pleased with this desk and pedestal bundle. The pedestal came assembled and is top quality. Bargain compared to other companies. Desk easy to assemble. Speedy delivery and great product!"  
Sally O'Sullivan  
Ashford 1600mm Right Hand Radial Office Desk Metal Leg With FREE Desk High Pedestal BEECH
  Great Quality!  
  "I wanted a desk in a hurry for a Home office, I ordered the Ashford Right Hand Desk With FREE Desk High Filing Pedestal from Huntoffice. The quality of the desk is excellent and with the Free Pedestal it really is extremely good value for money. The desk size is 1600x 1200 and with the pedestal is gives even more work space."  
Ashford 1600mm Right Hand Radial Office Desk Metal Leg With FREE Desk High Pedestal BEECH
  Great Quality Desk!  
  "This Ashford right hand desk is a great quality desk. It was very simple to put together and it was delivered quickly. I was looking for good quality office desk 1600mm wide with nice work space and this one fits the bill. It has a free filing pedestal or filing drawers with it also which are fully lockable."  
Ashford 1600mm Right Hand Radial Office Desk Metal Leg With FREE Desk High Pedestal BEECH
  Great Quality!  
  "this is a super value office desk with free drawers or pedestal. Plenty of second hand office desk around but when i saw this i couldn't leave it behind and it was delivered with in 2 days. The Quality of the desk is very good, looks very smart in the office and for the price, why would you bother buying a marked second hand one with no keys in the drawer etc."  
Luke McKeown  
Ashford 1600mm Right Hand Radial Office Desk Metal Leg With FREE Desk High Pedestal BEECH
  Very High Quality!  
  "We bought this set to accommodate a new employee in our small office. It is high quality, sturdy and great value. 2 day courier delivery."