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Bisley Cabinet Accessories

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Here's what our customers are saying...

Laura, Dublin   
Bisley Black Insert Tray for Storage Cabinet 4 Sections 227P1
   Fit Perfectly  
  "We have ordered the bisley multidrawer cabinet few weeks ago, soon realized that some of the drawers need these inserts, as the small stationary pieces just are all over the place. Couldnt take this mess anymore, so I am very happy to find these available to order. got them this morning, fit perfectly!"  
 Bisley Black Insert Tray for Storage Cabinet 9 Sections 226P1
   Very Low Price!   
  "Bisley Black Insert Tray for Storage Cabinet its great to tidy your Storage Cabinets. very low price and very handy in use."  
Mick, Portarlington  
Bisley Plastic Insert Tray 2 inches 24 Compartments 2/24
   Great Product!  
  "Great product, loads of space and plenty of compartments for all the little office things that get lost in the drawers including paper clips and staples."  
  Bisley Black Insert Tray for Storage Cabinet 16 Sections 225P1
  Fits perfectly!   
  "We have the Bisley storage cabinet for a while now and using it to keep all of our office stationery. Some of the smaller items like rubber bands, paper clips and staples were hard to find in the large drawers so we bought this black insert tray with 16 sections for it. Fits perfectly in the Bisley storage cabinet drawer. It makes life so much easier now the drawer is all organised we know exactly where to find what."  
Gracie Hodgson  
  Bisley Plastic Insert Tray 2 inches 9 Compartments 2/9
  "Ideal for batteries, paper clips, rubber bands, I have a number of these insert trays. "  
Bradley Wong  
  Bisley Plastic Insert Tray 2 inches 4 Compartments 2/4
  Great for Quick Access!  
"These are great you can literally put anything into these compartments.. Great for quick access. "
Alana, Cork  
   Bisley Filing Cabinet Drawer BSCP5 Divider Compressor Plate Pack 5
"These divider plates are great for tidying up the filing drawers and separating files from each other, they are increase the capacity of the drawer to its fullest. This 5 pack was cheap enough, as i went through a lot of trouble to even find one of those. Huntoffice have such a variety of products!"