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Looking for an outdoor bin? Here at Huntoffice You can find a range of top quality Rubbermaid bins designed especially for outdoor environment purposes. Since such bins are exposed to all various weather conditions they have certain features which help to maintain durability and long life: fade resistance, dents and chips resisting construction, doors which minimize smell and protect from insects, ability to mount to the surface on which they stand on. These plastic or steel bins are ideal for commercial use outside your business or office.


Here's what our customers are saying...

 Strata Refuse Bin Secure Push-On Lid 80 Litre Dustbin Black - Hardwearing and durable plastic - Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  Very Easy to Change Bag and Clean!
  "Got this Strata Refuse Secure Push-On Lid, 80 Litre Bin for out door use in my office and I have to tell you its doing great job! very easy to change bag and clean. thanks huntoffice"  
Sam W  
 Dustbin Round Composite with Lid plus Locking Clips 90 Litres AG813411
  Very Happy with the Product!
  "I bought this bin for my compost. The previous bin I used for this purpose was no good. Foxes and other animals kept getting into it. When I came across this bin on huntoffice for so cheap, I decided to give it a go and I was very happy with the results. The bin comes with locking clips, so no pesky animals can get into it. Which is my sole purpose for buying the bin. It also keep the compost moist. For this price, I might buy another! Thanks huntoffice"  
 Galvinised Bin with Lid Metallic 90 Litres Dustbin - Manufactured from galvanised steel - Comes complete with a black rubber lid - Ideal for heavy duty waste and horticultural disposal
  Very Happy with the Quality!
  "bought 2 of these bins for our warehouse and have had no issues with them. they hold plenty of waste, are a great price and are made of very high quality galvanised steel with a rubber lid so they're very hard wearing. handles on each side make them easily transported and emptied too. very happy"  
 Brute Dustbin Heavy Duty Container 207.2 Litre Grey 382205
  Very Sturdy Well Built Bin!
  "very sturdy well built bin. very strong plastic. very happy with my purchase."