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Presentation Pointers

Elevate your presentations with our selection of high-quality presentation pointers. From laser pointers to wireless presenters, we have everything you need to capture your audience's attention and deliver seamless presentations.

Presentation Clickers

Take control of your slides with our range of presentation clickers. Designed for ease of use and reliability, our clickers allow you to navigate through your presentation with confidence, ensuring a smooth and professional delivery every time.

Presentation Remotes

Step into the future of presentations with our advanced presentation remotes. Featuring ergonomic designs and intuitive controls, our remotes empower you to command the stage and engage your audience effortlessly.

Customisation Options

Looking for a personalised touch? Explore our customisation options to create presentation pointers, clickers, and remotes that reflect your brand identity or personal style. Add your logo or choose from a range of colours to make your device stand out.

Shop our collection of presentation pointers, clickers, and remotes today and make your presentations unforgettable. With fast delivery and competitive prices, is your one-stop shop for all your presentation needs.

Delivery available throughout Ireland, including to Dublin, Limerick, Cork, and Galway.


Here's what our customers are saying...

Robert Kennedy (Cork)  
Kensington Wireless Remote for PC & Mac Control for Presentations USB Receiver Range 20m 33374EU
  Great Item!   
  "WOW! The price for this Kensington presentation remote control here is absolutely fantastic! I have been on numerous sites looking for this 33374EU model and some of them were 50 or 60% more what it is here. I chose this remote control as my colleague from work let me use it for a few times when I had some lectures and it worked very well for me. It is very straight forward to use, no unnecessary functions that only make things more complicated. If you do presentations you can underestimate a thing like this – no more wasting time and interrupting yourself by being forced to go to your laptop only to change the slide. Not mentioning the ability to point and highlight key points. Great item."  
Nobo Giant Telescopic Pointer Black with Orange Tip 220 - 1175mm Extendable 34438432
  Well Worth The Price!   
  "We have to spend a lot of time in our conference room giving presentations to potential customers, existing customers and all our staff. The most in attendance at any one time could be up to 60 personnel. We were forever crossing infront of the screen to point out the information to some personnel and this was blocking the view for others. This giant telescopic pointer resolved all this for us. And its extendable. It is has been a really handy accessory for us. So much so that I would recommend this for anyone who gives presentations to a large group of people. Well worth the price."  
Kensington Wireless Presenter – 4 Buttons, 2.4GHz Interface, 20M Wireless Range, Plug and Play, Pc and Mac Compatible, 3-Year Warranty & Non-Laser (K33373EU)
  Excellent Pointer!   
  "An excellent pointer. The buttons fall easily under the fingers, it's chunky enough not to slip out of your hand but small enough for travelling, and needing only one USB port for both files and to connect the pointer and the computer, makes it simple and versatile."  
Donna Harbaud  
Logitech Wireless Laser Presenter – 2.4GHz, 15M Wireless Range, USB Receiver, Plug and Play, PC Compatible, 3-Year Warranty, Red Laser, AAA Batteries & RoHS Compliant (910-001356)
  Really Good Presenter!   
  "This is a really good presenter for PowerPoint on Mac or PC. Solidly built with a handy carry pouch, the USB receiver sits snugly inside the main unit when not in use. It's a good size, shape and weight and has an excellent range."  
Kensington Wireless Presenter – 4 Buttons, 2.4GHz Interface, 20M Wireless Range, Plug and Play, Pc and Mac Compatible, 3-Year Warranty & Non-Laser (K33373EU)
  Ergonomically Designed!   
  "This is an example of elegant simplicity. Ergonomically designed and simple to use. A good remote and an essential tool for any trainer."