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We offer an impressive selection of cardboard packing boxes which can be used for storing, shipping and moving purposes. The packing boxes within our range are made of strong, yet lightweight corrugated board and they feature a fluted center piece covered with flat paper liners on both sides. The boxes are shipped flat packed but the assemblyprocess is quick and straight forward.

Standard boxes come with single walls but for anyone who requires additional strength we supply double wall boxes.

What Size Cardboard Box do I Need?

Packing boxes are sold in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from small boxes up to extra large boxes. Due to our wide range of sizes, you can choose the dimensions that are going to meet your needs. The most commonly used size of cardboard packing boxes are 400 x 320 x 330mm and 650 x 350 x 370mm - these are large and extra large boxes. If you have specific requirements regarding the box dimensions, the best practice is to measure the largest item that you want to place in a packing box which is going to give you a better idea of what size box you should consider.

Packing Boxes Safety Tips

Its importatnt to lift boxes in a way that doesn't injure you. When filling packing boxes you should always remember to spread the weight of the items evenly throughout the box and to use packing paper or bubble wrap to secure the contents so that they don't move around in the box.

If you are not sure if you can handle the weight of the filled box, simply push it slightly with your leg or hand - this will tell you how heavy the box is. Don't judge the weight only by looking at the size of a packing box as this can be misleading; even small boxes often carry a significant weight that might require more strength to move it around, than you would expect.

When lifting or carrying boxes always try to work with your arms and legs, not your back. If you're picking up a packing box - bend your knees and keep your back straight. Your body should be faced toward the box and it is advised to make slow moves which minimise the risk of back injuries.



Here's what our customers are saying...

Sheila Connolly   
Packing Cardboard Boxes W305xD229xH229mm Buff Ream Pack 25
  Highly Recommend   
  "In the line of business I am in I need to send out items to my customers that can be bulky. I find that these Packing Boxes from Ambassador are quite strong and durable for the items I am sending. They are easily put together. Very Good Price for a pack of 10."  
Packing Corrugated Cardboard Boxes Single Wall Strong Flat Packed 229x222x171mm Pack 25
  Great Product   
  "Fit for purpose packing boxes, sturdy, good sized boxes. I have used them for a combination of storage & moving, and the cardboard survived perfectly through both."  
Terry Baines  
Packing Cardboard Boxes Single Wall Strong Flat Packed 279x279x178mm Pack of 25
  Great Buy   
  "Excellent quality moving box from Ambassador. Very rigid and supportive and kept my belongings perfectly in tact during the move!"  


Packing Cardboard Boxes 457x305x248mm Buff (Pack 10)
  An Essential   
  "I only needed 5 boxes however when I checked online and it was cheaper to buy 10 boxes here than buying 5 boxes individually, in the particular size I wanted. These packing boxes are easy to assemble and they're strong enough."  


Packing Cardboard Boxes Double Wall Strong Flat 510x510x430mm (Pack 15)
  Great Quality Product   
  "I used these recently when we were moving house, theyre great value considering how strong they are and its a pack of 15! the cardboard is very tough and can take a lot of weight without buckling even when youre packing in years of stuff from your home, 5stars."