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Gorilla Tape 48mm x 11m Black 3044001

Gorilla Tape 48mm x 11m Black 3044001

RRP: €25.87
€11.45 ex vat
€14.08 inc vat
5 Star Value Parcel Tape 48mmx66m Clear

5 Star Value Parcel Tape 48mmx66m Clear

€18.99 ex vat
€23.36 inc vat
Sellotape Brown Parcel Tape 48mmx50m Pack of 8 1760686

Sellotape Brown Parcel Tape 48mmx50m Pack of 8 1760686

RRP: €132.98
€55.90 ex vat
€68.76 inc vat

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• Packing tape is a type of pressure sensitive tape which sticks to various surfaces. Packing tape has a pressure sensitive adhesive on one side and a backing material on the other. The back of the tape can be made of plastic, paper or metal foil. Packing tape is one of the most common packing supplies used at homes, offices, warehouses and factories not only for packing but also many other purposes. 

• As mentioned before, packing tape is available in various backing material options. The most popular type of packing tape is brown polypropylene tape with a shiny surface. This packing tape is relatively thin but it holds firmly when applied onto a surface. It is designed to be cut using a tape dispenser or scissors. Unless it is stated on the packaging most of polypropylene packing tapes are not suitable for hand tearing and will only get damaged by such action. 

• One of types of packing tape that are available on our site are printed tapes which not only can be used for sealing boxes and parcels but also for providing additional information regarding handling of the contents. They are typically white tapes with red text which can have ‘fragile’, ‘handle with care’, ‘reject’ or ‘quarantine’ printed on them. 

• For anyone who requires packing tape which can withstand tough conditions we offer heavy duty tapes which are waterproof and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Heavy duty packing tape sticks to a huge variety of surfaces such as metal, wood, glass, paper, plastic, fabric and even concrete. 

• The most popular size for packing is the 50mm width and 66m length; you can also find tapes which have a width of 48mm and larger packing tapes that are 70mm wide. When it comes to lengths of packing tape, 66m is the most popular one but you can get tapes that are 25, 50, 125 or 200m long. Most of standard packing tapes make a loud distracting sound when being used so you might choose a low noise tape to reduce the noise. 

• If you’re looking for a low budget option you might choose from a selection of 5 Star packing tapes which are available in a selection of widths, types and pack sizes. We also carry a range of packing tape made by the best manufacturers within the industry – Scotch and Sellotape. 



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5 Star Polypropylene Packing Tape 48mm x 66m Buff 6 Pack
  Highly Recommend   
  "Really good adhesive tape. Recently moved houses and found it very handy to secure my parcels. Good price ! "  
5 Star Polypropylene Packing Tape 48mm x 66m Buff 6 Pack
  Great Product   
  "This Packaging Tape from huntoffice is great quality and price is excellent."  
Packing Tape Polypropylene 33mm x 66m Buff Pack of 6 5 Star
  Great Buy   
  "great price pace of 6 Polypropylene Packing Tape. strong tape and very handy in warehouse."  


Alex Murphy  
Packing Tape Polypropylene 48mm x 66m Buff 5 Star
  An Essential   
  "Cheap price, good value for money as it is a strong masking tape. Ideal for packaging and securing cases."  


Marie Louise Daly  
Q-Connect Polypropylene Packaging Tape 50mm x 66m Clear Pack of 6 KF01791
  Great Quality Product   
  "Thanks for the quick delivery of my order, I must compliment HuntOffice on this packaging tape, it's a seriously good deal. I was moving houses recently and found this tape very strong and durable ideal for packing boxes and the price is excellent considering you are getting 6 rolls per pack."