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For workplaces and offices that use an excessive amount of paper but want to save money, look no further than the pallets of paper available at Hunt Office Ireland. Whether you need a pallet of paper due to high printing demands or because you work in a large company, we’ve got you covered. Our pallets of paper offer high-quality paper without the high price tag, take a look at our pallets of paper for sale today and save yourself money when you buy in bulk. 

Here's what our customers are saying...

User Icon Kevin, Dublin   
Pallet Of Xerox Premier High Performance A4 White Printer Paper 80gsm 200 Reams Per Pallet FREE Samsung Galaxy Tab
 Star Rating Highly Recommend   
  "This pallet of paper was very reasonably priced and considering the amount of a4 paper pallets we use in our organisation i need to have no problems or phone calls from any department complaining of paper jams. I normally get you guys to deliver the pallet straight to our locations and you do a decent job of this also. In spite of the paperless office we still use pallets of this stuff."  
User Icon James O'Donnell  
Pallet Of Xerox Premier High Performance A4 White Printer Paper 80gsm 200 Reams Per Pallet FREE Samsung Galaxy Tab
 Star Rating Great Product   
  "I was hesitating in purchasing this pallet, it seems like a lot of money at first but then I thought about it and we end up spending way more in the long run buying one by one. Plus, free tablet which I'm going to give to my son as a Christmas present. We won't be running out of paper for a while!"  
User Icon Paudie M  
A4 80gsm White Value Copier Paper 5 Star Pallet of 240 Reams
 Star Rating Great Buy   
  "Our office uses a lot of copier paper. At first we were buying in reams, then moved onto boxes and we were just going through them so fast that we were ordering more as we got the last order! That's when I found this pallet of copier paper, at first it seems like a big investment but it works out cheaper than the way we were buying them. This pallet lasted us months and was definitely easier than constantly ordering new paper to replace our rapidly decreasing stock of paper. Great price on this pallet with a HUGE saving, if you're in two minds about buying this pallet of copier paper, I urge you to buy it. You won't regret it.."  
User Icon Faxhall  
WhiteBox Paper A3 White Pallet 50,000 Sheets [100 x 500 Sheets]
 Star Rating An Essential   
  "We had a huge amount of A3 printing to do and getting this bulk pack took the effort out. The paper was good quality, delivery was an easy process and I'm happy with the purchase."  
User Icon Collins  
5 Star Office A4 Paper 80gsm Pallet pack 240 x 500 Sheets
 Star Rating Great Quality Product   
  "We used to buy this paper in reams but we would be buying it multiple times a week and constantly running out. We just bit the bullet and bought a pallet and it was well worth it, now we only need to order the pallet of paper every month and a half."