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Paper notebooks and refill pads are an essential daily item for many people and something that is used often in offices, homes, schools and colleges. If you're looking for a quality notebook you will find an extensive selection here at Hunt Office Ireland. We supply a selection of different styles, colours and sizes which include A3, A4, A5 & A6 as well as other less common sizes. So, whether you need notepads and notebooks for the home, office, school or college - we can help you!

Types of notebooks available:

We have a huge selection of paper notebooks and refill pads to choose from as well as:

● Pocket notebooks - these are ideal for any time you need to make notes or write something down whilst on-the-go, our range of pocket notebooks can easily fit into most bags or pockets
● Hardback notebooks - for a more durable notebook, our range of hardback notebooks are available wirebound or casebound, depending on what you prefer
● Drawing pads and graph pads - these are generally used for mathematical functions, experimental data in science or to draw diagrams and drawings
● Standard exercise books - these are commonly used in schools and other educational institutions, we have a range of colours so you can assign a coloured exercise book to each subject

All of our notebooks, notepads, drawing and graph pads are available in different colours and sizes ranging from 30 to 400 pages. They’re also available as singles or in multipacks, if you prefer to buy in bulk. The paper ranges in quality and thickness which means there is something suitable for any purpose and occasion.

Brands of paper notebooks available:

Whatever your price range we have a selection of paper notebooks and refill pads to suit. We have a large selection of the budget brand 5 Star which is excellent value for money as well as more well-known top of the range brands such as Oxford, Pukka Pad, Cambridge, Europa and more. Whichever kind of notebook you require, whether for home, school or office you will find something to suit here in the Hunt Office Ireland notebooks section.

Here's what our customers are saying...

Brendan Moloney  
Oxford Office A5 Notebook Hard Cover Ruled 192 Pages Assorted Pack 5
  "These Oxford Office A5 Notebooks cost a bit more because they are hard backed. The look and durability that the hard backs give makes it more than worth while for me.They have a classy look and feel about them when compared to ordinary soft backed note pads."  
5 Star A4 Manuscript Book Pack 5 Casebound 192 Pages
  "I only ever use hard backed manuscript books for my notes because they can take more wear and tear than most other notebooks, and keep my notes safe. Unreal price for a pack of 5 manuscript books! I've priced them locally and for the same amount you would pay double!"  
Brian Carroll  
5 Star A4 Manuscript Book Pack 5 Casebound 192 Pages
  Good value
  "reasonable price and good value and good quantity"  
Grant Osbourne  
 5 Star A4 Manuscript Book Pack 5 Casebound 192 Pages
  "These manuscript books are as good as the higher cost brand names. The paper quality is good. The binding keeps all your notes secure, must have strong glue. Works well with biro, rollerball and plastic tip pens. Plenty of writing can be done on the ruled pages."  
5 Star A4 Manuscript Book Pack 5 Casebound 192 Pages
  "This pack of hard backed manuscript books are of good quality. We use them in the checking area of the warehouse and they need to last for months in an harsh environment. they never fall apart and they are of equal quality to the more expensive packs. i also get them for my kids school work as they use hard backed a4 pads for some subjects."  
 5 Star A4 Manuscript Book Pack 5 Casebound 192 Pages
  "Very cheap A4 notebooks, strong and sturdy hardcover, were delivered very fast and in perfect condition, thanks, Huntoffice!"  
5 Star A4 Manuscript Book Pack 5 Casebound 192 Pages
  Great quality
  "Very durable cover, looks nice, smooth and great quality paper, very useful hardback notebooks!"  
Gretta Fitzgerald  
: 5 Star A4 Indexed Manuscript Book Casebound and 192 Pages Pack 5
  "I have a lot of trainees coming through the company and I a always give them a 5 Star Manuscript Book that is Ruled and Indexed with a 192 Pages in A4.from Huntoffice on the first day. It is there bible as they move through the departments in the company. They have a ready manual with all their own notes. The book is durable and can take lots of handling. Anyone who has to take notes, this book is a must have."  
Cathy G  
 5 Star A4 Indexed Manuscript Book Casebound and 192 Pages Pack 5
  "This a4 indexed manuscript book is great to use as my own personal address book, I like the fact that you get a blank a4 page to fill out whatever you need and to make the address details as long or as short as you need. You also get 5 indexed manuscript books for the price."  
5 Star A5 Manuscript Book Casebound 192 Pages Pack 5
  Good price
  "good price and good quantity"