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Paper Shredders are one of the most popular office machines used professionally in offices as well as for domestic purposes. There is a great selection of paper shredders available within the office supplies industry and it is worth knowing what features and properties are necessary for the type of work you intend to perform.

Cross Cut Shredders or Strip Cut Shredders?

In general strip cut shredders are considered as “home use” machines and “cross cut” shredders are the ones to use for businesses. This approach is changing nowadays as strip-cut shredders are becoming less popular and major manufacturers only offer a couple of models of such machines. Nowadays even the basic paper shredders use cross cutting technology which shreds the page into small particles, providing a greater level of security. Cross cut shredders are often referred to as “confetti” shredders to highlight the end result of shredding a page with such a machine.

Paper Shredder Ireland - What to know

When choosing a paper shredder the first thing you need to do is to establish the amount of shredding that needs to be carried out during a weekly cycle and how many people are going to use the shredder. Most paper shredders aren’t designed to be used at maximum sheet capacity at all times so it might be worth it to get a shredder which has a sheet capacity 20-30% larger than the actual number of sheets you intend to shred at once. Basic paper shredders are capable of going through 3-10 sheets at once while more advanced models can shred 20+ sheets.

Shredder Machines Ireland - Security Level

Another important matter you should determine is the required security level – in most cases a strip cut shredder is suitable for both home and office users who dispose of materials which don’t contain sensitive data or confidential information. If you require additional security for shredded documents it might be worth getting a cross-cut shredder – even entry level cross-cut shredders shred paper into small pieces which guarantee a high level of security. Most paper shredders denote their security level in DIN standard ranging from 1-6 where 1 is the least secure and 6 would be suitable for use when disposing of top secret information. DIN2 and DIN3 are the most popular and very secure levels that can be found in the majority of quality shredders on the market.

Rexel Shredders and Fellowes Shredders

Paper shredders which can be purchased on our website come from well-known manufacturers such as Rexel and Fellowes which offer a great selection of machines suitable for any type of user. We also offer shredders made by economy brand 5 Star which offers various types of paper shredders in a very competitive price range.




Here's what our customers are saying...

 Edel Horan   
about Fellowes AutoMax 300C Shredder Cross Cut Ref 4651601
   Ideal !  
  "This shredder was bought for the accounting office in our company. They have so much paperwork to go through and file and some of it is just a waste of space and needs to be shredded. This Fellowes shredder was a perfect for because of the features and the dimensions were ideal for the space that was available in the office."  
 Frank Hughes   
about Rexel Auto Plus 100M Shredder Micro Cut 2104100
   Would highly recommend it!   
  "I found this shredder absolutely brilliant. It works efficiently and requires very little maintenance, even when I load several sheets on it works away itself with no fuss whatsoever. It hasn't jammed once in the several weeks I've been using it! I also love the micro cut feature that ensures my personal documents are well shredded whereas I've found other shredders without this feature leave some sheets slightly legible. Would highly recommend it!"  
 Paulina Iannuzzi   
about Rexel Prostyle Plus Shredder Strip Cut 2104004
   Excellent value.    
  "Rexel prostyle plus shredder strip cut is an amazing and stylish product for your office. This shredder can shred 7 sheets in 1 pass it alerts you when the bin has to be emptied. Excellent value for money highly recommended."  
 Bridget Collins   
about Texet Personal Shredder Cross Cut DIN3 4x30mm
 Perfect size for my small personal office .  
  "Over the moon with this shredder, it’s the perfect size for my small personal office space but it will complete any tasks given to it surprisingly quickly. "  
 George Greene   
about Rexel Auto+ Plus 80X Shredder Cross Cut 2103080
   Budget price.  
  "The Rexel Autoplus 80X is a relatively new shredder in our office. Since getting the shredder I haven't encountered any paper jams. What I like about the Autoplus 80x shredder is that it pretty much works away by itself. If we have a stack of paper to shred at the end of the day we simply stack them in the feeder and it shreds automatically. It goes through staples as well no problem which saves the need to remove them before you stack the paper. Professional office shredder for a budget price."  
 Clara Higgins   
about Rexel Auto+ Plus 80X Shredder Cross Cut 2103080
   Ideal shredder .   
  "We recently got this Rexel Autoplus 80X shredder for our small brokerage. We shred a lot of confidential documents throughout the day, sometimes we might have a bundle of up to 30 sheets plus, which can take up a lot of valuable time. The Autoplus 80x shredder has an automatic feeder which can hold up to 80 sheets at a time. This has been extremely useful to us because instead of going to the shredder several times a day, we can now stack the sheets of paper in the feeder and leave it work away by itself. As well as this, the Autoplus 80x is whisper quiet when in operation. Ideal shredder for a small or medium sized office."  
 Ryan T.    
about Rexel Style+ Plus Confetti Cut Shredder S3 2101942
   Excellent !  
  "A really excellent little cross cut shredder is this rexel brand, ideal for us as me and my wife only in a small home office. Nice and tidy and stylish and it looks like a robot... The most important thing is the security level it gives when shredding."  
 Hazel McNamara   
about Rexel Style+ Plus Confetti Cut Shredder S3 2101942
   Definitely stick with this brand .  
  "Excellent rexel shredder, I like that you can shred credit cards and a4 paper with this rexel shredder. I'm a big fan of rexel shredders, I've had one in the past so would definitely stick with this brand."  
 Amy O'Sullivan   
about Rexel Style+ Plus Confetti Cut Shredder S3 2101942
   Great quality .   
  "Great quality shredder for the price. Delivered straight to my door next day. Thanks Hunt Office"  
 Nancy ( Wexford)   
about Rexel Style+ Plus Confetti Cut Shredder S3 2101942
   Would recommend definitely!!!   
  "I bought this Rexel Shredder Cross Cut for home use because my drawers and cupboards were full of old letters, bills and bank statements that I was too afraid to throw away. It was actually getting ridiculous the amount of clutter that was building up! A friend recommended this Rexel Shredder, its perfect for home use and after shredding all the clutter my house is finally clutter free!!! now when I need to safely dispose of letters and bills I just use the Rexel Shredder. Great price too so was a bargain buy, would recommend definitely!!!"