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Personal Alarm With Torch Pack of 5

Personal Alarm With Torch Pack of 5

€97.90 ex vat
€120.42 inc vat
Purell Personal Gear Retractable Hand Sanitising Clip (Pack 24) 9608-24

Purell Personal Gear Retractable Hand Sanitising Clip (Pack …

RRP: €63.47
€40.90 ex vat
€50.31 inc vat
Q-Connect Reception Bell

Q-Connect Reception Bell

RRP: €111.25
€4.74 ex vat
€5.83 inc vat
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• Personal alarms are a type of safety equipment which main purpose is to disorientate the person attacking so that it is possible to get away from the danger. How do personal alarms work and how can they help me in case I become a victim of an attempted robbery or attack? Personal alarms emit very loud (over 100dB) sounds which disorientate the attacker and give you valuable seconds to run away and call for help. Personal alarms highly depend on the element of surprise as activating an alarm sound is something not expected. 

• To be sure that the personal alarm is effective, the sound it is emitting should be different than typical sounds you can hear on the streets every day. This is one of the reasons why personal alarms which use pulsating sounds similar to car or home alarms aren’t a great choice as such sounds are very often ignored. The best choice for sound that is delivered through a personal alarm is a continuous siren like sound – it is not common to hear such loud sound in everyday life so it increases the chances of getting attention from by passers or Gardai. You should always remember that using a personal alarm is just one of the steps in case of an attack and the best action you can take when alarm is being activated is to quickly run towards a crowded place and call the Gardai if possible. 

• Although most of personal alarms can be attached to keys or belt you have to bear in mind that when you find yourself in a situation where you are under a lot of stress and need to quickly find and activate the alarm you need to have it easily accessible. A good practice is to keep your personal alarm together with your wallet, be it in a pocket or purse. A lot of attackers simply want your wallet and when they tell you to hand it to them this is when you get a chance to grab your personal alarm and use it against the attacker. A personal alarm that gets lost somewhere in the depths of a purse or a backpack isn’t any good. 

• It is worth knowing that the closer a personal alarm to attacker’s ear the more efficient is the effect. This is one of the reasons why you should be able to use the personal alarm while holding it within your hand so you can direct it toward attacker’s head if possible. 


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Tom K  
First Alert Carbon Monoxide Detector Alarm LED and Fittings 85dB
  Great Product Great Idea!   
  "We have a busy maintenance department and because there are all different sizes of vehicles being repaired at any given time, our safety officer decided to put in place a system that would alert the mechanics to high levels of carbon monoxide. We bought these kidde carbon monoxide alarms from hunt office and they were very cheap for the work that they do. The alarm is tested every friday in conjunction with the fire alarm system and it has a really loud sounder. It is battery operated too so if the power cuts out the alarm will still work. Great product and a great idea."
Wendy Cummins  
Disabled Toilet Alarm
  A Must Have!   
  "This is a very good product. A must have really . Especially as our customer bathroom is out of the way of the main area of the store. Couldnt be simpler to set up or use for that matter. "  
Mary Anne  
Helix Personal Mini Alarm 100dB Siren Rip-cord Activation HX14234
  Peace of Mind At Last!   
  "My daughter started college last month and I've been worrying about her coming home late from the college campus. I got this and already I can sleep at night! She has tested and says its deafening"  
Gina Curtin  
Helix Personal Attack Alarm with Torch Silver PS2070
  Feel Safe Now!   
  "I do 4 cycle shifts and have to walk to and wait atr the bus stop at all hours - its only a short walk but this personal alarm makes me feel safer.!"  
Securikey Charm Alarm Assorted PACA/SA
  Amazing Assorted Charm Alarms  
  "Ordered these for my teenage daughters as they are getting more and more freedom but I still worry. They are pretty little alarms but they pack a punch. "