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Phone Booths at HuntOffice

Here's what our customers are saying...

Framery O Color Acoustic Booth
  The Acoustic Booth Creates a Beautiful Working Space!
  "Our acoustic booth creates a beautiful working space that we use for conference calls and for a quiet place to work its well ventilated and the soundproofing of the booth means you can not hear the chit chat from the main office! "  
Framery O Quick Call Phone Acoustic Booth
   Lovely Addition to any Office Space!
  "Lovely addition to any office space, provides a private area for calls or to work with no noise disruption from the outside office! "  
Framery O Standard Acoustic Booth
   The Installation Team had Our Booth Installed in no Time with no Disruption to Our Staff!
  "We absolutely love our new phone booth. The acoustics are great, so handy for having a private call, you dont hear any disruption from the outside. The installation team had our booth installed in no time with no disruption to our staff "  
Framery O Video Conference Ready Acoustic Booth
  We Love Our New Acoustic Booth!
  "We love our new acoustic booth. It was installed very quickly by the very professional huntoffice team. This soundproofing of this booth is fantastic and you really have no disruption from the outside office. "