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Photographic paper is a type of printing paper which allows you to create lab quality photos at home or the workplace using an inkjet or laser printer. Although it is possible to print images on almost any type of printing paper, the results can be poor, so it is worth getting photographic paper that will deliver colour rich, professional-looking photographs. There are a few things you should consider when buying photographic paper which will determine the quality and durability of printed images.

• First of all you need to check if the photo paper you intend to buy is suitable for your type of printer. Since laser and inkjet printers use completely different technology for producing images on paper, using the wrong type of photographic paper can result in low quality print outs, smudges, ink sliding off the page or even cause damage to the printer itself. This can be easily avoided as all photographic paper manufacturers label their products with information about if the paper is inkjet or laser compatible.

Photo Paper Surface – this is rather a personal decision as the photo paper finish determines the look of your printed photos. Photo prints on glossy and semi-glossy photo paper have vibrant colours and look almost the same as traditional photos. Glossy photo paper is best for print outs which are going to be used in photo albums, scrapbooks or for flyers and promotional materials. Since the glossy surface creates reflections it is not recommended to use glossy photo paper for framing as the picture will be getting glare from both the glass in the frame and the shiny surface of the paper which can cause the image to obscure. Matte photo paper doesn't cause such issues as it’s surface is non-glossy and delivers a soft look. Such photographic paper has a better contrast and produces deeper dark colours which make it the best choice if printing in black and white. A lot of photographic paper types are coated on both sides which means you can print photos on both sides of a single sheet, which can be very useful and also cost saving when printing flyers, brochures and any other type of marketing literature.

Photographic Paper Sizes – photographic paper is available in a range of sizes which should satisfy the needs of any photograph enthusiast. The most popular format (sort of a standard size) of photos which are available from photo labs or photo machines is 10x15cm (6x4") and all manufacturers of photographic paper offer this size of photographic paper. If you require printing images in a larger format it is also easy as photographic paper is available in A4 and A3 sizes.

Photographic Paper Weight – like with any other type of printing paper, photographic paper is available in various weights which determine how the print out looks and feels. The general rule is that the heavier the paper the more professional and important is its appearance. The minimum weight that quality photo paper is available in is between 100-140gsm. Such weight is sufficient enough for day to day printing at work or home; if you are looking for better quality paper that won't tear easily you should choose photographic paper that is at least 150gsm. Premium quality photographic paper usually weighs more than 250gsm and can even exceed 300gsm.

Photo Paper Brands – almost every printer manufacturer carries a range of photographic paper sold under their brand name. If you don't want to spend a lot of time on choosing the best photographic paper you can simply get paper from the same brand as the printer that you are going to use to print photos with. On our site you will also find high quality photographic paper from Apli which is one of Europe's leading paper manufacturers that deliver photographic paper suitable for any type of printer. We also stock a range of photographic paper made by economy brand 5 Star, which is extremely price competitive and high quality at the same time. Hunt Office Ireland ships photographic paper throughout Ireland, including Dublin, Limerick, Cork, and Galway.

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Here's what our customers are saying...

user icon paula   
A4 White Xerox Colotech+ Gloss Coated Photo Paper 170gsm 400 sheets per Ream Pack of 6
 star rating Delighted   
  "Absolutely delighted with this paper!! I'd found it hard in the past to find a good quality gloss coated paper that could also be printed on (and not smudge!) but this has answered my prayers! It works brilliantly with my printer, is really high quality and even though it's really glossy it soaks in the ink just as well as normal porous paper would."  
user icon Anna Gubbins  
Apli A4 Glossy Best Price Photo Paper 140gsm (Pack of 100)
 star rating High Quality Photo Paper   
  "A4 Glossy Photo Paper 140gsm is really high quality paper suitable for use with all inkjet printers. It was first time I have ordered photo paper and I really wasn't sure if it is a right one for home use, but when I printed first photo I was amazed of the great quality glossy finish. I have printed about 200 photos of A5 size. I am so happy with my purchase and price. Thank you huntoffice for great quality products and lowest prices. Anna. G"  
user icon Declan  
HP A4 Professional Laser Glossy Photo Paper 120gsm (Pack of 250)
 star rating Great Glossy Paper!  
  "For two hundred and fifty sheets, this hp cg964a a4 glossy paper is super value. I use this hp cg964a glossy paper all the time now and it is the best of the lot. It gives a great print finish and that makes my photo's look so much better."  
user icon Sonia Davies  
HP A4 Professional Laser Glossy Photo Paper 200gsm (Pack of 100)
 star rating Another Great HP Paper   
  "As a photography student I needed not only the highest quality photo paper but something reasonably priced also. Went onto huntoffice UK to order this HP CG966A glossy laser paper and having tried it I'm just thrilled with the results. It produces rich vibrant colours which you would definitely not get with a cheap brand. You can also produce two-sided documents which is absolutely ideal for me as I can now use the paper for an upcoming assignment. Absolutely top quality A4 photo paper for a fantastic price I recommend to anyone."  
user icon Christopher Collins  
Canon Photo Paper Variety Pack VP-101 20 sheet(s) Photo Paper Kit
 star rating Great Beginner Photo Paper Pack   
  "Great photo paper pack to start out with if you are still experimenting because of the variety in size and finish. My a4 photos came out gorgeous in the matte and the glossy, I wont blame the paper for the slightly less impressive photography in the smaller pictures! Overall well worth it I just popped another one in my cart."  
user icon Kevin Fitzgerald  
Epson 5x7" Glossy Photo Paper Premium (Pack of 30)
 star rating Great Premium Photo Paper   
  "I use an Epson printer so getting Epson photo paper seemed to make sense to me as I wanted to get high quality images printed. I know it is probably cheaper to have your images printed at the chemist's or order them online but I wanted to be in control over the whole process and use really quality photo paper (and if someone does the prints for you, you never know if the paper itself is going to be good). It says premium photo paper and having used various types of photo paper, I could mark this one 8/10 as an overall score."