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Microplast Fabric Plasters 7.5cm x 5cm (50) Box (KNEE) 86918

Microplast Fabric Plasters 7.5cm x 5cm (50) Box (KNEE) 86918

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First Aid Plasters are an essential part of any First Aid Kit. Minor cuts and scrapes are a common occurrance in many workplaces and homes. Plasters are used on minor cuts and scrapes that are not serious enough to require a larger bandage. Plasters cover the cut and protects it from bacteria, dirt, dust and friction, allowing the wound to heal quickly without getting infected.

At HuntOffice we supply a wide selection of First Aid Plasters for both the home user and workplace user. First Aid Plasters are available in many different materials which are suitable for different purposes and environments. All of the First Aid Plasters on are available in a variety of sizes to suit any size of minor wound on different body parts. You can choose from small pack sizes for home use to large bulk packs suitable for large businesses, organisations, retail environments, factories etc. The different types of plasters to look out for are as follows:

  • Waterproof Plasters - These plasters are designed to support the healing process by keeping the wound clean and dry. Waterproof plasters are durable, long lasting and won't slip off when put in contact with some water.

  • Hypoallergenic Plasters - These plasters are designed for those with sensitive skin. These plasters are made with a hypoallergenic adhesive which is perfect for a childs skin. A selection of hypoallergenic plasters should be included in First Aid Kits, especially when dealing with children.

  • Pilferproof Plasters - Pilferproof plasters are easy to use and allow one handed application due to their design. They are dispensed individualy with backing paper partly removed allowing one handed sterile application. This also helps with stock control by preventing any excess plasters from being removed and used.

  • Catering Plasters - For all catering environments where food is prepared catering plasters should be used. Catering plasters are blue in colour and this allows the plaster to be easily detectable if lost in the kitchen or dropped into food.



Here's what our customers are saying...

Sean Downey  
Wallace Cameron Waterproof Plasters 70x24mm Pack of 150
   Excellent Quality !  
  "As a trainer of an under age football team I use plasters on a regular basis with the kids. This box of 150 waterproof plaster are of excellent quality and price. Great next day delivery from Hunt office"  
 Eileen Guinness  
Wallace Cameron Fabric Plasters Assorted 3 Sizes Oblong Pack of 150
  Very Cheap Plasters But Good Quality!  
"The plasters are very cheap and useful at home especially when the kids come home with a bruise."
Shirley Howell  
Wallace Cameron First-Aid Kit Blue Detectable Plasters 3 Assorted Sizes Pack of 150
  Assorted Sized Plasters Are Handy !  
  "Working in a catering environment we need visibility at all times if personel are wearing plasters. The Wallace Cameron First-Aid Kit has blue detectable plasters that are very noticeable. The quality of these blue plasters are excellent and the assorted sizes are handy - especially when most of the plasters are for fingers! The box quantity of 150 is great value for money at this price."  
Ciss O Brien  
Click Medical Hygioplast Detectable Knuckle Plasters Blue Pack of 50 Ref CM0502
  Great Stretch in these !!  
  "Good safe protection for cuts and grazes caomes with disinfectant wipe too"  
Margaret Lane  
Wallace Cameron Waterproof Plasters 70x24mm Pack of 150
  Washproof  Plasters!  
  "Keep these in the kitchen at work at all times washproof is important for us"