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Here's what our customers are saying...

Teodor, Cork   
An Post 1 Euro Irish Postage Stamps x Roll of 100 Stamp Per Box
  An Post Postage Stamps   
  "It is very handy to be able to buy postage stamps online, no more queuing in the post office - delivered straight to our door very quick with the rest of the office supplies!"  
Rita O  
Fsmisc Mailing Boxes 245x150x33mm Brown Pack of 20
  Good Price   
  "I needed durable boxes that I could post and these held up well. It is clear that they are made from quality cardboard. I was concerned that I had to assemble the boxes as they come flat packed, but it was actually quite easy to do, which was a huge relief."  
Dan Lyndon  
5 Star Laser Address Labels 99.1x38.1mm White (1400 Labels)
  Great Price   
  "I've never had any problems with these address labels so I don't need to go for the more expensive brand. They print perfectly with my laser printer, with clear text and dry fast. What more could I want."  


Lena Barrett  
Jiffy Airkraft Size 5 Bubble Lined Postal Bags 260x345mm White Pack of 10
  Jiffy Never Fail   
  "I recently started using the Jiffy Airkraft Postal Bags that are Bubble-lined and have a Peel and Seal closing, they are the No.5 White 260x345mm Ref JL-AMP-5-10 Pack 10 from Huntoffice. I needed postal bags for my on line company to post out orders to customers, due to the Super lightweight laminated bubble lining keeps contents safe and saves money on postage."  


5 Star Office Carton Sealer Tape Hand-held 50mm Non-reversing Plate
  Quality Carton Sealer   
  "We ship product in cardboard boxes all over the world and we have always used these Carton Sealers to seal every box, top and bottom with a 'H' Seal. We have fourteen personnel in our packaging department and each has their own Carton Sealer. We have always purchased these 5 Star Hand Carton Sealers For 50mm Tape primarily because of the price. They are so cheap and so sturdy. We have had to replace 2 in the last 3 years because someone dropped one and because the other one just disappeared. They are very light weight and really easy to use. Another great 5 Star product."