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Shop premium paper at Hunt Office Ireland. Premium paper offers the best possible quality for all of your important correspondence. Here in the premium paper section you can find high quality business paper in a variety of finishes including smooth, wove, laid and mottled effect. Premium paper is brighter and thicker than most standard printing sheets. Since the prints look extremely crisp and sharp on premium paper it is ideal to use it for presentations and professional correspondence. Our premium business paper comes in a selection of colours: white, vellum, cream, gold dust, grey, blue and champagne. Most of the premium paper we supply are from leading brand Conqueror, who are well known for their distinctive, high-quality watermarked paper.

Popular Premium Paper Finishes

Laid Paper - this type of premium paper has a ribbed texture which is created during the manufacturing process, giving it the look and feel of handmade paper. Laid premium paper is one of our most popular types of paper and commonly used for business purposes but also widely used to make an impression on communications such as CVs, restaurant menus, certificates and invitations.

Wove Paper - wove premium paper on the other hand has a polished, smooth finish and is often watermarked. Wove paper shows an even texture and shows no marks or lines even when held up to the light. Wove paper is also a very popular choice of premium paper and is generally used for business correspondence, but can also provide the perfect smooth, even surface for fine writing, calligraphy and artwork.

Other paper finishes available here at Hunt Office Ireland are smooth and mottled effect papers. Mottled effect premium paper has a special coating which gives it a unique cloudy effect making it ideal for certificates, invitations, menus and notices.

Paper Finishes

Premium paper available at Hunt Office Ireland comes in a range of high quality weights which is measured in GSM (grams per square metre). You can choose between weights starting from 90 gsm, which is a good quality for most business correspondence, all the way up to an executive 165 gsm paper, ideal for posters, menus or invitations.


Here's what our customers are saying...

User Icon Una Harmon   
A4 165gsm Champagne Letterhead Premium Paper 50 Sheets DECAdry
 Star Rating Lovely Champagne Paper   
  "Very professional letterhead paper in champagne colour. I think Decadry is the best brand i've ever tried. Especially when compared to some other "high quality" paper i bought before."  
User Icon Daryl  
A4 165gsm Champagne Letterhead Premium Paper 50 Sheets DECAdry
 Star Rating DECAdry Paper   
  "We've been using this DECAdry Champagne paper for our restaurant menus for months now and I cannot fault it. As we print them ourselves it gives a really professional look to them, really smooth and at 165gsm nice and thick so perfect for us. Because we print out menus on a daily basis the fact that the pack of 50 is available on huntoffice with such a fast delivery will continue to be extremely useful for us."  
User Icon chester  
Color Copy A4 170gsm White Coated Laser Printer Paper Ream of 250 Sheets
 Star Rating Great Quality  
  "Great printer paper if you are looking for a bit more quality than what you get with a standard paper. It is quite thick with 170gsm so there is a minimum show through. It is a laser paper so it handles well the heat that is generated during printing with a laser printer. Really nice prints - crisp colour and black and white print outs on this laser paper."  
User Icon Chantelle Sugrue  
Color Copy A4 170gsm White Coated Laser Printer Paper Ream of 250 Sheets
 Star Rating Bright White is Right, Very Clear White Paper!   
  "There is no comparison with ordinary 80gsm paper for the printer and the Color Copy A4 Laser Paper Glossy that is 170gsm A4 CCG0170 Pack 250. The colour quality of pictures is excellent, I have been using it to print leaflets to promote my company and they come out so professional looking."  
User Icon Kim Partridge  
Color Copy A4 White Silk Coated Laser Printer Paper 170gsm 250 Sheets
 Star Rating Hp Designjet Paper   
  "I work in a busy legal office and we recently started using this Color Copy A4 paper for our outgoing post to clients. This paper is a pleasure to use with our laser printer. It has a bright white silk finish unlike any paper I've used before. It may be slightly more expensive than conventional paper but in my opinion it's worth it. Perfect for prestigious documents or letters and if you want to make a lasting impression on customers."  
User Icon Anna Hogan  
A4 100gsm High White Wove Finish Premium Paper 500 Sheets 5 Star
 Star Rating Premium 5 Star Paper   
  "5 Star wove finish a4 paper is really good quality and very cheap for a pack of 500 sheets. It is a really good deal for home office user or even a home user only."