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Welcome to the Hunt Office Ireland recycled paper store, here we have a range of A3 and A4 recycled paper from brands like Revive, Navigator, 5 Star and others. Since it is very hard to eliminate the use of paper completely (especially in offices where there is always some demand for printed documents) the only thing you can do is reduce the negative effect on the environment and recycled paper is a great way to do this. Using recycled paper for printing and copying is surely a great option for anyone who wants to be eco-friendly. There are many reasons why you should buy and use recycled paper, including preserving trees, protecting wildlife, preserving water and creating jobs.

More about recycled printer paper:

• Recycled printing paper is much better for the environment in comparison to non-recycled paper. Help to preserve forests and save trees by choosing recycled paper for your home or office. For every ton of paper that is recycled, 17 trees are saved. Manufacturing recycled paper produces less pollution, saves water, energy and landfill space.

• The recycled paper available for sale here at Hunt Office Ireland is accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC); a non-profit organization that sets certain standards to make sure that deforestry is practiced in an environmentally responsible and socially beneficial manner. Recycled paper that is FSC Certified has met the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council.

• There is often a common misconception with recycled paper, that it does not perform as well in printers in comparison to non-recycled paper. This is not true; recycled printing paper is manufactured to the highest standards and designed to run successfully on the most demanding of office machines. Recycled paper is no longer an off white or grey colour which may have been the case in the past; today recycled paper has a high quality and high level of whiteness which rivals that of non-recycled, often even exceeding comparable virgin papers.

•In the past recycled paper often cost considerably more than non-recycled paper. Today recycled paper has become more cost competitive with virgin paper and sometimes even costs less. All of the recycled paper available here is guaranteed to maintain the highest quality standards on all office mono and colour printers without any environmental compromises.

• The range of recycled paper we supply is available from 75 gsm up to the highest quality 160 gsm weights and in a range of pack sizes ranging from 500 to 2500 sheets. Hunt Office Ireland delivers throughout Ireland, including Dublin, Limerick, Cork, and Galway.



Here's what our customers are saying...

User Icon James   
Evolution Business A4 120gsm White Recycled Paper Pack of 250 Sheets EVO00100
 star rating Highly Recommend   
  "Received the product today after a very smooth and professional order and delivery process and I am 100% satisfied with the quality of this paper. At 120gsm is still works perfectly with our printer. Our business only uses recycled A4 paper so with a pack of 250 at this price I will definitely be ordering again."  
User Icon bart  
Evolution Business A4 120gsm White Recycled Paper Pack of 250 Sheets EVO00100
 star rating Great Product   
  "Great paper thickness, very sturdy, but printer takes it perfectly. Nice bright white paper finish brings out vivid and crisp colours! One of the best extra weight papers i have ever bought!"  
User Icon Ann  
Image Recycled Credit SRA2 450 X 640mm 80gm2 Packed 500
 star rating Great Buy   
  "We have 14 office staff and because of the large volume of printer paper used daily, we are always conscious of the amount of waste we create. We decided that we should purchase as much environmentally friendly products as possible and this evolve paper was suggested by our engineering department. We bought 2 reams of the evolve recycled a3 paper because that is the one the engineers use the most. They have now come back and said that they are very happy with it and we have started ordering the smaller size evolve paper from hunt office too."  
User Icon Gunther  
5 Star A4 Copier Paper Recycled 80gsm White 5 x 500 Sheets
 star rating An Essential   
  "I received the recycled paper along with the rest of my order. Perfect quality and delivery of the paper and all of the other paper products I ordered. How do you guys do such a good job and still sell cheaper than my old supplier. Very happy."  
User Icon Daniel D.  
5 Star A4 Copier Paper Recycled 80gsm White 5 x 500 Sheets
 star rating Great Quality Product   
  "We are trying to be more ethical as a business, so we have switched to this 5 star recycled paper. It's a small change and it does cost a bit more, but it's absolutely worth it! I tried to find recycled paper in the shops but it was near impossible. This paper arrived in great time and even though it's recycled there is no sacrifice in quality."